Performed by 13 year old Haley Mann, a New Christmas Song Brings More Meaning to the Holidays

TAMPA, Fla. /eNewsChannels/ — Just released this week by Good Gets Better Publishing, is a new Christmas song, titled “Haley’s Christmas,” performed by 13 year old Haley Mann. Haley’s Christmas tells the story of a young girl who looks forward to seeing her father on Christmas day who only visits her once a year.

Instead of the normal expectations of many children who look forward to Christmas and to the gifts they will receive, Haley points out the one thing that matters most; the love for family and the relationship between a father and daughter.

Today, with so much separation of family members due to divorce or jobs, or even military assignment, Haley’s Christmas is a great reminder for 2010 that the most important values of the holiday season are those of family and the strength of those relationships.

“I believe that this song has a statement to make in 2010,” says songwriter Kimberly Fuller, who wrote the song.

“I was inspired by my two daughters, who have not seen their father since they were 8 yrs old, and only ever received a card for Christmas from him, and not every Christmas.”

Haley’s Christmas is a great inspiration for the 2010 holiday season.

Music video available on YouTube, at: .

Available as a single on iTunes and other online retailers.

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