Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association responds to V2 Electronic Cigarette Company announcements

Tobacco ProductsATLANTA, Ga. /eNewsChannels/ — The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA) is announcing to the “e-cig” industry that V2 Electronic Cigarette Company touts in a corporate video that their products are “intended for long-term smokers that have had not had any success in quitting traditional cigarettes” ( ). V2 is also establishing an e-cig “association” that does not believe that electronic cigarettes are tobacco products in light of a December 10, 2010 court decision that mandates that e-cigs are indeed tobacco products, not drug devices that are regulated as such by the FDA.

From V2′s September 22, 2012 press release “e-cigarettes do not possess the same chemical and physical characteristics as tobacco products and therefore should not be regulated as such.” The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (who is presenting this release) understands that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, but the association does not make the claim – and does not claim – that the electronic cigarette is a product used for quitting tobacco cigarettes.

Thomas Kiklas, Co-Founder and CFO of the TVECA says “V2′s shocking new claims have the possibility of giving the e-cig industry’s foes new energy to again attempt to ban this fabulous technology that 3.5 million Americans have now embraced as an option to tobacco cigarettes.”

Kiklas went on to say, “By creating confusion and making false claims about the electronic cigarette, V2 and SFATA are singularly putting at risk the years of work that responsible companies have put forth by not making cessation and health claims; items that V2 regularly presents in its internet and email campaigns.”

The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association ( was established in 2008 provide the media, legislative bodies and those that are currently using the electronic cigarette (e-cig) a single industry resource to provide scientific facts behind electronic cigarette technology that has garnered tremendous disinformation.

The TVECA has held since its inception that e-cigs are indeed tobacco products and are not a stop smoking or a cessation device. The TVECA and its members work with state, local and federal agencies as well as with e-cig associations globally to disseminate the science and facts about the electronic cigarette. In fact, the TVECA recently became a member of CORESTA, ( and is hosting the first electronic cigarette scientific sub group Nov 7th and 8th 2012 in Atlanta.

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  • Kev

    How can a product which does not contain TOBACCO be a TOBACCO product? Furthermore, what is the issue with treating them as a smoking cessation device? Really, what is the difference, aside from method, as compared to the gum, patches, or pills? They have helped many people quit smoking. Yes, they are now using the e-cig, but that's NOT smoking, it's NOT tobacco!! The FDA and everyone against these devices need to wake up. Cigarettes have a cocktail of KNOWN carcinogenic constituents (something like 4000 of them) compared to the e-cig which has only nicotine, a substance not believed to be carcinogenic by itself.

    Back to the topic, e-cig's do NOT contain tobacco, at all, zero! They look like tobacco cigarettes, and are used in a similar fashion, but the buck stops there. I vote for V2. Why would TVECA, an organization intended to further e-cigs, be so backward?

    Has common sense completely disappeared?

  • Amanda

    Yeah, I've been using my e-cig for over a year and I love it. How they can consider it a "tobacco product" makes zero sense, as the above poster said.

  • Stewart

    the main issue here is that tobacco products by law are defined as products containing or derived from tobacco. this includes nicotine that is derived specifically from the tobacco plant. after that we have to remember that if they are not considered a tobacco product then the hard work of thousands for the past 7 or more years will be lost because the FDA will then revert back to them as a cessation or drug delivery device. what that means is the main proprieters of ecigs will be burdened with huge fines and expensive regulations to prove their efficacy for safety reasons. ultimately this will destroy the availability and affordability of the devices to the average smoking consumer. the fight to redefine Ecigs is at best prideful and self defeating.

  • Optima Cigs

    It is true that electronic cigarettes do not have the same chemical and physical characteristics as traditional cigarettes, with the help of these devices you can quit smoking easily.

  • South Beach Smoke

    Totally agree with Kev, electronic cigarettes does not contain tobacco so they should be considered as tobacco products.