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Suzy Chaffee got world headlines ski racing in the '68 Grenoble Olympics, and as a child ballerina helped invent ski ballet to became World Freestyle Champion and star in Bogner's world hit "Fire & Ice." As the first woman on the USOC board she united world athletes to reform the Olympic rules; led the Title 1X March for Equal Opportunities for women in school sports; and is ski teacher for Presidents, corporations and Native youth. Chaffee co-founded the Native Voices Foundation in 1996, now called the Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF), which has inspired ski areas across North America to invite thousands of tribal youth back to their ancestral lands to ski and snowboard. That inspired their Elders to lead Gratitude Snowdances that have saved ski resorts from priceless droughts and given youth a chance at the 2012 London and 2014 Russian Olympics. © Suzy Chaffee. (Note: The opinions expressed by Ms. Chaffee do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of this site or its publisher.)
Puerto Vallarta Bay Turquois

OPINION: People are buzzing how Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay is a splendid turquoise, especially on sunny cloudless calm days. “This is the most turquoise I have seen in the bay in 15 years,” said iconic fisherman Phil Kerr. Could it be from the unprecedented friendly luminescent blue jellyfish that came here and ate up toxins following our Azteca-Cherokee-led oceandance at Los Muertos Pier on December 12?
Tribes of Americas Oceandance in Mexico

OPINION: On December 12, the Azteca, Cherokee and Apaches in Puerto Vallarta joyously led an oceandance on Los Muertos pier in gratitude for humanity’s Paris victories: 200 UN countries signing an accord toward saving Earth for the Children by limiting global warming.
Mt Abram Ski Area

Skiers, Youth, Eco Activists, Indigenous, Spiritual Leaders Unite at Paris -- Ways YOU can help NOW Humanity owes a debt of gratitude to, founded...
How Is Puerto Vallarta Still Standing

OPINION: It was a miracle that Mexico’s jewel, Puerto Vallarta, was not wiped off the map with Patricia’s 220 mph winds on Friday October 23, and not one life was lost. The U.N. reported that “Patricia had accelerated to that of Typhoon Haiyan, which displaced millions of people and left 7,300 dead in the Philippines in 2013.”
Cabo Corrientes Vortex

OPINION: The Mexican Space Agency is hosting the 2016 International Space Congress in Mexico City, so the world spotlight will be on ‘what could this developing country bring to the launch pad?’
Global Celebrations of Solstice

OPINION: From the Big Apple to Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta, people are understanding the importance of giving gratitude to Mother Earth on the Solstice for all Her gifts, like the gentle rains and snows. And multi-cultural groups around the world are hosting an unprecedented number of ceremonies this June 21st.
Oceandance inspires Whale Miracle

OPINION: On Christmas Eve my neighbor, Betty Miramontes of Puerto Vallarta’s Business Association, told me about a Humpback that got entangled in fish nets and couldn’t be saved. She said they needed help getting the word out how to better protect our beloved whales in beautiful Banderas Bay.
Earthrising in 2015

EARTHRISING is a Series on How we can lift each other up higher and higher through harnessing our Imagination, Ancient Tribal Wisdom, Green Technology & Heart...
Senator Jeffords

OPINION: Senator Jim Jeffords, my fellow Rutland Vermont skier, just passed on at 80, but his heroic contributions live on, including one that has been virtually a secret. With the help of EIGHT Native American leaders, he helped reduce U.S. dental mercury by 48%, which has spread to 105 countries.
Thanks for Your Sochi Prayers

OPINION: As an Olympic skier, I want to thank all those who prayed for the joy and safety of everyone at Russia’s surprisingly “awesome” games. Joining with the Olympic families, were Christian Scientists, Native Americans, Aetherius Society, Monks of Moscow and so many more to help preserve this greatest force for Peace, Understanding, Healing, and Unity for over 1,000 years in Ancient times, and 100 years in Modern times.
Sipapu NM-AZ Native Program

OPINION: To further help heal and unite America, on February 26, New Mexico’s Sipapu ski area announced that it is joining Pajarito Mt and Ski Santa Fe in offering landmark affordable skiing and snowboarding opportunities to the tribes of New Mexico and Arizona.
Could World Prayer Help Protect Sochi Olympics?

OPINION: The Olympics has been the greatest force for Peace, Understanding, Healing, and Unity for over 1000 years in Ancient times and 100 years in Modern times.  Given that Olympic heroes have inspired countless youth to be happily healthy, productive, brilliant and generous, we hope you will take a moment to join this world prayer for “The Joy and Safety of the Sochi Olympics,” heartened by how it has worked for the last five Olympics.
Francesca Maetas giving David Vosburgh

After launching in early January the most generous Native snowsports outreach in history, inviting tribal youth of New Mexico and Arizona to ski in...
Pajarito Mt with Suzy

On January 4, Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, nestled near New Mexico’s Bandelier Canyon Cliff Dwellings going back 11,000 years, magnanimously launched an unprecedented snowsports...
Olympic skier Suzy 'Stevia' Chaffee and Alicia Partida

OPINION: After Mexico became No. 1 in obesity and diabetes in June, their new President Pena Nieto surprisingly recommended as a solution the no-carb herbal sweetener stevia discovered by the South American tribes. And while soda lovers criticized Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign to reduce the size of sodas, most fit Americans and Mexicans cheered on their bold interventions.
August Gus Jaccaci

OPINION: On this 4th of July, wouldn’t it be a dream come true for the U.S. and many World Citizens if President Thomas Jefferson, the author of our Declaration of independence and Bill of Rights, came back at this pivotal time to coach us on getting our Grand Experiment in Democracy back on course?
Chaffee an Lautenberg

OPINION: New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg(D), a phenomenal champion of American Children and Nature, passed on last week at 89. At his NY funeral he was deeply honored by half the Senate on both sides of the aisle, plus NJ Governor Chris Christie (R), Hillary Clinton and Vice President Biden for his passion and foresight in saving millions of Americans through his No Smoking law, raising the drinking age to 21, and fighting for women’s rights and gun control.
Suzy and Iran Queen

ARTICLE: In 1977, fellow Olympic skier Billy Kidd and I had an adventure of a lifetime, skiing with Iranian Queen Farah Diba Pahlavi in their fresh "Persian Powder." It was to promote skiing and goodwill with Iran, made possible by two visionary friends, the popular TV host Barry ZeVan and Iran’s Ambassador to the U.S., Ardeshir Zahedi.
Roland McCook, former N. Ute Chairman

ARTICLE: The National Ski Areas Association’s NRDC study said that Colorado and Utah would be losing its snow by the end of the century unless there is an intervention - the East likely earlier. Fortunately, a consensus of the UN's 192 countries in 2012 identified the key to regenerating Earth: a combination of science/green energy and Ancient Wisdom, especially through the tribes.
a thousand satellites

OPINION: For the last two hundred million years up until 1970, our 'home' looked like this beautiful blue planet from Apollo 17 with three satellites orbiting it. Today, earth is shrouded with about 1,100 satellites, most for cell phone companies, and a half a million pieces of trashed ones, and most dangerous of all, some dumped nuclear waste. Together they are blocking the critical sunlight that Man and Nature need to happily thrive.
Suzy Chaffee

OPINION: What if we had the power to reduce the roots of violence by 50% – including one in three women raped world-wide -...

OPINION: People around the world have recently mourned the passing of Whitney, Amy Winehouse, and First Lady Betty Ford, exemplified by the touching New Years Tributes and Grammy Salute to Whitney. With the help of doctors Drew, Phil and Gupte these (celestial) shooting stars left us with priceless lessons to prevent or recover from alcoholism.
Suzy Chaffee

OPINION: “Some good must come of this,” has been the cry after one of the worst mass killings in U.S. history at Newtown’s Sandy...
Earth Guardian Kids - credit Tamara Rose Roske

ARTICLE: The World’s Youth say we need emergency action to create a 'Future We Want.' Hurricane Sandy helped the doubting Toms recognize that the greatest threat to our National Security and humanity is Climate Change.
Indian Nations at London’s Olympics - credit Jeff Cable

eNewsChannels COLUMN: October’s launch of the UN’s Girl Empowerment Initiative, and revelation that three Native American women represented the U.S. and their Indian Nations...
Time to listen to the children - Courtesy: Lisa Montoya

OPINION: It is time to listen to the children who are inheriting this planet to find out what they want, what direction they want...
Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, who led the 1977 Title IX March in DC at the request of the PE Teachers of America

OPINION: Leading the March down Washington’s Pennsylvania Ave in 1977, for TITLE IX’s “Equal Opportunity for Women in School Sports and Education,” at the...
wind turbine in Selawik - credit Reese Hanneman

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The magnificent pristine fragile Arctic is now in a battle for its LIFE, which will affect all life on Earth, especially the...
Humpback whale - credit: Suzy Chaffee

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The US Navy is deliberating right now on a plan to use high frequency underwater sound for testing in Hawaii and the...
Danielle Pelham - credit: (c) Elaine Pelham

eNewsChannels COLUMN: While world leaders dropped the ball at June’s RIO+20 Earth Summit to getting us on the road to a sustainable future, We...

eNewsChannels COLUMN: What happens at UN’s RIO+2O Earth Summit on June 20-22 could have a major impact on the longevity of snowsports, glaciers, islands...

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The UN's International Mother Earth Day, in solidarity with Earth Day, following January's Snowdance Phenomena that saved Western ski areas from the...

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Hail to the National Football League (NFL) for compassionately hosting “Super Bowl Parties with a Purpose” this year through their “Taste of the NFL” and “Kick Hunger Challenge” to valiantly assist food banks in every NFL city.

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The buzz at the SnowSports Industries Show ending January 31 in Denver was about the Native American snowdance phenomena that restored snow...

eNewsChannels COLUMN: On November 1, our Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF) submitted to the UN its recommendations, including wisdom of Indigenous Elders, for the 2012 Rio+20 Conference, June 21-22. This marks 20 years after the first UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and never in history has there been such a need to work in unity to restore Earth.

eNewsChannels COLUMN: I didn’t realize until our dear First Lady Betty Ford passed on this month, what an incomparable gift she has given Mother Earth and all Her children. Through Betty’s powerful example of taking her addiction to alcohol and (prescription) drugs out of the closet, educating the public, which diminished the stigma, and founding the Betty Ford Clinic, her gift goes way beyond helping transform the tortured lives of generations of Americans and World Citizens into fulfilling ones.

eNewsChannels COLUMN: More Prayers Needed for Oceans, Reactors, Floods and 32 US Fires. "A smattering of summer rain boosted firefighters battling the massive forest fire near Los Alamos nuclear reactor." Other News sources said the blaze came 50 ft from the Laboratory that stores America's largest supply of nuclear weapons, along with 30,000 drums of plutonium-contaminated waste stored above ground under fabric tarps, not far from mini fires breaking out within the complex.

eNewsChannels COLUMN: CNN revealed on June 22, that "A mass extinction unlike anything human history has ever seen is coming unless we take swift...

eNewsChannels COLUMN:Following Bolivia's passage of their domestic law "Recognizing Mother Earth as a living entity and giving Her the Same Rights as Humans," the...

eNewsChannels COLUMN: On May 11, CNN showed Japan's nuclear electric officials on their knees apologizing and asking forgiveness from the Japanese people for misleading...