2012 presidential electionLOS ANGELES, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ — The “Pin-Ups for Ron Paul” 2012 calendar produced by Los Angeles singer-writer-director Juliet Annerino has arrived. This sexy collection of female activists is the most innovative way to spread the message of presidential candidate Ron Paul!

The calendar (*See NOTE) includes quotes from great statesman, authors and visionaries like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., along with quotes from Dr. Ron Paul on current and timeless issues.

Twelve women from all across the country are featured; students, writers, artists, and businesswomen, every one an outspoken activist for peace and freedom!

The calendar’s creator, Juliet Annerino, explains, “This is a pretty package for a powerful message. Peace + Freedom = Beautiful!”

20 percent of all proceeds go in support of Dr. Paul’s run for the presidency in 2012.

The calendar was recently featured on The Colbert Report, and the New York Daily News.

Juliet Annerino, along with several of the Los Angeles-based Calendar Girls are hosting a “Holiday Party with the Pin Ups for Ron Paul” free event in Hollywood, Wednesday, November 30, 7 p.m.- 11 p.m. at Cafe Entourage, 1600 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA 90028. They welcome the press for interviews and photos, in the upstairs VIP section.

For ordering info, pictures and video, see: .

(*NOTE: Independently produced and not affiliated with the official Ron Paul Campaign.)

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  1. RON PAUL is the only candidate with integrity and competence.His record as a politician is of a saint.The neocon puppets are pushed ahead by the corporate media but this time the american people will not be fooled.



    2 0 1 2.

  2. That is just the greatest thing in the world! I know what I'm putting in all my stocking suffers. Though it makes you ask the question what kind of calander Romney and Gingrich will have. I would assume Romney would do a Mormons Gone Wild and Newt may have pictures of his favorite farm animals. The duck goes …… quack?

  3. Hey, I heard the Cain camp is putting together a calender as well. Of course Herman is "d'nein d'nein d'nein" so we'll just have to wait till the rest surface.

    -yup, I went there!

  4. Keep reaching out to sectors R.P., the old Rep versus Dems

    mantality where the premis that each party would "go over" to the other side to vote on issues truely important

    to the country are gone(Gridlock example)

    The polarity is so decisive, everyone in America sees it.

    We end up with no resonable choice in Representation due to this Polarity extreme that only creates wealth for the Representatives.

    You can get "the vote",,,,, why? Because the established have abandoned the premiss of Raising America,, over their own self interests.

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