eNewsChannels COLUMN: On March 18 the “Japanese nuclear reactor chief WEPT as he finally admitted that their radiation leak is serious enough to kill people.” That was just days after telling Japanese citizens that “only those living within 12 miles of the nuclear plants needed to evacuate, while U.S. citizens within 50 miles were ordered out.” .

On March 19, CNN reported that spinach and milk (for babies) 65 miles away from the melting reactors were found to be contaminated. This is a déjà vu of Hiroshima, according to survivor, Dr Titsuko Komoki, on CNN, where 2 yr olds got thyroid cancer from the contaminated grass eaten by the cows and milk given to the babies. Others got leukemia at 10.

On March 21, the Japanese plant caught fire and workers had to be evacuated since the grayish smoke is full of plutonium, which they now admit using in their reactors. And “one particle of airborne plutonium can cause cancer.”

March 24, The tap water of Tokeo, population 12.9 million, is now unsafe for pregnant women, babies and children. (Reuters).

March 25, According to an international scientific group monitoring radiation around the world, the Fukushima reactors are emitting nuclear toxins at levels approaching those seen in the “aftermath” of Chernobyl. Chernobyl had 180 tonnes of nuclear fuel on site. Fukushima has 1700 tonnes of nuclear fuel on site. (


The Chernobyl reactor spewed out at least eight tons of radioactive poison, about 200 times more radioactivity than was released at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By some estimates, its fallout surpassed the total released by all nuclear weapons tests up until April 19966. .

So nuclear energy has already caused humanity to suffer how many nuclear holocausts?


Meanwhile, thanks to “wind facilities being battle ready, not one wind facility was damaged from either the earthquake or the tsunami,” reported [Japan Wind Energy Association] members. Now Japan’s electric companies have asked all of its wind farms to save their citizens “by increasing power production to maximum, to make up for the shortfalls,” brought about by what many called “failure of the non-resilient, radiation belching nuclear technologies.” .

March 22 AOL News: Chernobyl Survivor’s Message for Japan: ‘Run Away as Quickly as Possible.’

The most chilling warning has come from Natalia Manzurova, a nuclear plant engineer, one of the few survivors of the 800,000 involved in the cleanup of the 1988 Chernobyl catastrophe. She said, “The first symptom of radiation poisoning is feeling like I had the flu, then high temperatures and shivering. After suffering from a thyroid removal, sky high blood pressure, and epileptic like fits, the doctors called me crazy and wanted to put me in a psychiatric ward, but finally admitted it was from radiation.”

“It’s Nuclear Slavery.”

That is why she advised the Japanese to “Run away as quickly as possible. Don’t wait. Save yourself and don’t rely on government lies. They don’t want you to know the truth and are so powerful that executives aren’t accountable to the cleanup crews, finding ways to strip us all of benefits. It’s nuclear slavery. Because radiation stays in animals’ fur and can’t be cleaned, the 100,000 evacuees cried as they were forced to abandon their pets that all turned into dried-out mummies.” .

Two years after the meltdown, 140 cows and pigs born fifty kilometers southwest of Chernobyl, gave birth to offspring without limbs, eyes and ribs. Other animals without heads or two of them.

Are these modern day holocausts not crimes against humanity and the animal kingdom when there are more affordable totally safe alternatives? Bless heroes like Natalya and the press for shining a light on this betrayal, lying about the safety of nuclear energy to get taxpayers to continue subsidizing a technology whose time has gone.

These unfolding revelations further destroys any credibility of assurances by any nuclear or government officials that the “Japanese fallout that just started hitting California and soon Britain,” is too insignificant to affect our health.

Japan’s catastrophe uncovered that the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)’s “safe” levels have been deliberately “based on how radiation affects a 155 pound 25-30 year old male.” BEIR VII report found that “the overall fatal cancer risk experienced by females is actually 37.5 percent greater than that experienced by males for the same radiation exposure. And children (and animals) are significantly more affected including developmentally.”

Americans wanting to explore avoiding more “nuclear nightmares” from reliance on Nuclear Energy and Bombs, please check out and immediately share the shocking video below, as it contains the solution to transitioning to safe renewable energy in this 2012 Budget. It was produced by humanitarian Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s, as part of his “Priorities Campaign.” My fellow Vermonters also led the U.S. Dairy Industry’s ban on synthetic hormones that have been fattening up cows and the American People. Now they are helping wake up and empower Americans to get their rightful piece of the pie while helping us become sustainable at this pivotal moment.


Using a pie chart, Cohen makes it easy to understand how the Federal Budget works and where all our money goes. Cohen and Shanahan show how our “Peace-loving America” has spent 3 times more on our Defense than all our potential enemies combined, and how we can enlighten our leaders to shift a portion of the 2012 Budget to address the dire needs of communities, especially renewable energy, like China has done.

In the video, Navy Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan ret. explains how U.S. tax payers are unknowingly spending $17 billion each year just to maintain our inventory of nuclear bombs.


In addition, our nuclear reactor plants and mills produce “yellow cake,” a component of nuclear bombs. I didn’t believe this because I had just seen on the new President Obama signing a treaty reducing nuclear bomb proliferation. But the NY Times and Denver Post articles on January 6 confirmed that the Canadian company behind Colorado’s proposed Pinon Ridge Uranium Mill in Paradox, which is being decided right NOW (along with the Pueblo Reactor), plans to sell at huge profits, its yellow cake to Asia, including Korea.

Without even giving Colorado’s tax payers royalties, their Congressional representatives are on the brink of allowing a foreign company to contaminate Rocky Mt air, drinking water/fishing streams and agricultural lands for 100,000 years, and degrading this Ski Mecca of the World, on which over a million jobs depend. Plus the foreign company would leave Coloradans with a mega million dollar clean- up bill. “Are we nuts also putting our National Security at risk,” asked Telluride’s Rabbi Michael Saftler, a ski instructor-realtor-Nature guardian. .


This reinforced the credibility of the mind blowing revelation in Cohen’s video by Admiral Shanahan and a panel of former military leaders, that tax payers are also paying 60 billion/year to unknowingly keep building nuclear bombs and weaponry that Shanahan says “do nothing to protect Americans from the new War on Terrorism.” .


Cohen demonstrated how we can easily shift the budget to our priorities by using Oreo Cookies, “each one representing 10 billion dollars. We could take a stack of Oreos from Pentagon spending, to cover critical needs of communities,” especially energy through Green Renewables, like wind, solar and biothermal, tidal turbines. Such a move would have prevented Japan’s triple catastrophe, and still can for America, with plenty of Oreos left over to pay off part of our National Debt.”


The Admiral said, “Such a shift would not put the U.S. at risk. By reducing the funding each year of nuclear bombs and weapons that add up to 10 times world overkill, I would feel safer, wouldn’t you?”

TEACHERS, please show your students this video and the science-related water one below so they can then teach parents how to stand up for their future.


Investing in renewables NOW will also save Americans a bundle of money and unnecessary psychological stress. Amory Lovins, founder and chief scientist of Aspen’s renowned Rocky Mountain Institute, who has won almost every energy award, compared costs in his article, “With Nuclear Power, No Acts of God Can Be Permitted:” “Since 2005, new U.S. reactors (if any) have been 100+% subsidized–yet they couldn’t raise a cent of private capital,(even on Wall Street), because they have no business case. They cost 2-3 times as much as new wind power, and by the time you could build a reactor, it couldn’t even beat solar power.”

He explained that, “Competitive renewables, cogeneration, and efficient use can displace all U.S.(dirty) coal power more than 23 times over–leaving ample room to replace nuclear power’s half-as-big-as-coal contribution too–and we need to do it just once.”


Lovins hopes, “Perhaps this tragedy will call Japan into a post-nuclear world. And before America, who has been very lucky, suffers its own Fukushima, it too should ask, not whether costly, unfinanceable new reactors are safe, but why build any more, and why keep running unsafe ones. China has suspended reactor approvals. Germany just shut down the oldest 41% of its nuclear capacity for study.” .

After also seeing how the Chernobyl fallout contaminate the reindeer that Laplanders in Northern Scandinavia subsisted on, irradiated agricultural lands across Europe, and greatly reduced bird population all the way in California, the Prime Minister of Sweden, also guided by Onondaga Chief Oren Lyons, switched back from nuclear to renewables and is lighting the way to a sustainable balanced Earth.

Wind Energy from California and the Great Plains is leading the way in America. Kudos to the 13 tribes of the Dakotas (COUP/Native Energy) whose U.S. plan won a World Clean Energy Oscar in Switzerland, and kudos to Secretary of Interior Salizar who is wisely investing in solar projects in the sunshine states of Colorado and California following the success of the Navajo solar communities in Arizona.

Compare that to 17 cents per kilowatt hour for new nuclear reactors and the risk of destroying countries like Japan and America, since some of our reactors are near fault lines on the West Coast.


Melissa Breyer’s report revealed “that plants in the East, South and Midwest, where earthquake risk was not as highly considered in the design, now find themselves at the top of the NRC’s risk list. Why? Geologists have found new cracks like the New Madrid fault centered on the Missouri Bootheel, offshore faults near Charleston, S.C., and in the mountains of East Tennessee. 108 million Americans live within 50 miles of an American nuclear power plant.” .

Yet America’s main nuclear dump inside Nevada’s Yucca Mountain is located on a fault line. And seismic readings in the “Ring of Fire” around the Pacific are registering elevated activity as never before.


All things nuclear, including small reactors, put the U.S., Mother Earth, water – our Key of life, and therefore humanity, at risk. Researchers in 11 countries and a Nobel Prize winner in the YouTube video, “Water: The Great Mystery,” found that radiation is the greatest threat to water and humanity since it destroys all life forms, and we are mainly water. It also “blocks in our brains our drive to survive.

That is why Native Elders say that nuclear fission is against universal law, and why Seneca Elder-scholar RobertJohn Knapp inspired Pope Benedict to declare in 2008, “It is a sin to poison water.”


Comparing the lack of transparency concerning motive, method and regulation of Japanese, US, and International nuclear leaders, Lovins said: “Regulators haven’t resolved all these key safety issues, including terrorist threats, lest they disrupt the powerful industry. U.S. regulations and transparency is not clearly better than Japan’s: Industry-friendly rules bar the American public from meaningful participation. The nuclear boosterism of many Presidents also discourages inquiry and dissent.”


Lovins gave us an eye-opening analogy in his article, “Nuclear Socialism-Energy subsidies-of any kind-are bad business:” “Some people are outraged that the federal government is subsidizing the new Chevrolet Volt, retailing at $41,000, with a tax credit of $7,500. Imagine if the tax credits were $50,000! If new reactors can produce competitive power, they don’t need subsidies; if not, they don’t deserve subsidies. Forbes in 1985 called this seduction of previously prudent utilities and regulators into this nuclear binge, ‘the largest managerial disaster in business history.'” .


“Nuclear-promoting regulators inspire even less confidence,” said Lovins. “The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) 2005 estimate of about 4,000 Chernobyl deaths contrasts with a rigorous 2009 review of 5,000 mainly Slavic-language scientific papers the IAEA overlooked. It found deaths approaching a million through 2004, nearly 170,000 of them in North America. The total toll now exceeds a million, plus a half-trillion dollars’ economic damage. The fallout reached four continents, just as the jet stream could swiftly carry Fukushima’s fallout.”


Electrical and nuclear engineer Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, has done studies that show, “We have the technology today to completely power America with wind and solar energy. We have a shortage of two things – time in which to solve the problem, and a shortage of money, since the back-up systems to prevent severe nuclear accidents is very costly, and delays in construction often extend for years. Plus people are concerned that Plutonium is generated in every nuclear power plant – about 40 bombs worth every year.”


Cohen showed how such a U.S. Budget shift would easily cover the social programs that Congress is about to axe, such as food for the poor, green jobs for the lower and middle class, healthcare, Planned Parenthood, child development, student assistance, organic farming, Gulf rehab – all without raising taxes.


If it seems hard to believe that this “obscene waste of the American tax payers hard earned money” has been going on for the last half century, here is General Eisenhower’s courageous Farewell Speech warning the American People: We must forever be vigilant because of the vast profits related to armaments, and not let the Military Industrial Complex be allowed to wield unbridled power.”

Gorbachev started the Green Cross to make amends for Chernobyl and to warn humanity about the high risks of nuclear proliferation in all its forms, including its waste. Time Magazine’s Peter Essick said “Nuclear waste could fill a train around the equator.” And no one has been able to stop the radiation leaks that contaminate the water and land for over 100,000 years.

This is why Ike, Gorbachev and Admiral Shanahan have made amends to clean up their karma. Plus my late relative and supporter, former Secretary of the Navy John Chaffee, went on to author as Senator(R) the critical “Clean Air, Water and Endangered Species Acts.” Yet Nuclear Energy breaks these laws over and over. Bless these friends of America and our Earth Family for having the courage to tell us the truth. By our action or inaction NOW, we affect the future of our innocent children and our individual and collective karma.

Some communities are seduced into the nuclear plant solution by the carrot of approximately 150 jobs, which in the case of Japan’s, have been described as heroic death missions. Each of us now has the responsibility to finally learn from these lessons, and heroically protect tens of thousands of generations of children, millions of jobs, for example, in the Colorado Ski and Tourism Industries, by insisting our leaders shift nuclear budgets to renewables NOW, which are authentically clean, unlike nuclear, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. Plus this green direction will also help prevent more Gulf Oil Spills that lost and cost Americans trillions. Thanks to Cohen’s Oreos we can better ballpark the math and now see how much we can save by shifting from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewables.


Shifting these budgets now could lead to nearly FREE energy, the greatest boon for humanity, freeing the many instead of the few to prosper with more free time to enjoy family life, vacations, vibrant health and free healthcare in a more sustainable world. Yet know that nearly Free Energy is the greatest threat to the greed machines.


A century long addiction to the vast profits to a few from armaments, as well as nuclear and oil energy, requires some tough love through an intervention by the American People RIGH NOW at budget time. That means being as strong as we would need to be working with an addict, while at the same time giving them tsunamis of love to heal the wounds from being abused. That is why they continue this vicious cycle of abusing the American People. That’s applying what we need to apply what we have learned from Dr. Phil, Oprah and Celebrity Rehab to our U.S. Budget, so it may serve the American Dream of All the People.

Otherwise, the Union of Concerned Scientists warn that the profits and payoffs to Congressional campaigns and others, are so lucrative that despite Japan’s catastrophe, lobbyists are pushing to get their nuclear subsidies under the wire while Americans are distracted by the Libyan war. Despite all the elevated seismic activity, they want to fast-track 20 new plants for construction in the U.S., and thousands worldwide.

Nuclear technology leaders are meeting at their 2011 national energy conference April 27 and 28 in Hobbs, New Mexico, focusing on small-scale reactors as part of America’s energy policy, which President Obama was pushing during Japan’s meltdown. The Nuke industry is excited about turning uranium rich New Mexico into a deadly nuclear hotspot, even mining under the Laguna Pueblo, when it was Time Magazine’s cover story, the “Coolest State to Visit,” for being a “Land of Enchantment” of Native Dancing, skiing, ET’s.

100,000 PEOPLE MARCHED IN TAIWAN on March 20 to demand the government halt the construction of a fourth nuclear power plant, in the wake of the disaster in Japan, including Ex-premier Su Tseng-chang. “Japan has the world’s most advanced technology to ensure nuclear safety and could not prevent the Fukunshima Nuclear Power Plant explosion. How can we,” asked a protester.

57% Of AMERICANS WANTED TO CUT SUBSIDIES FOR NEW REACTORS, the single most popular budget cut, according to “Wall Street Journal/NBC News public opinion poll on March 3, before Japan’s quake.

“TWICE AS MANY ‘NO NUKE CITIZENS’ TESTIFIED AT PUEBLO COLORADO’S HEARINGS than Pro Nukes at their Board of County Commissioners on March 15-16, to decide on the their proposed nuclear reactor: 500 to 200. The No Nukes included some arch-Republicans and a rancher whose property was mentioned in the Nuke site, yet he said he had never been asked,” said Joan Seeman, Sierra Club’s courageous Rocky Mt Protector.

“JAPANESE PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN NUCLEAR POWER HAS CHANGED,” said Chief Cabinet Yukio Edano on March 24. (Reuters).


Telluride’s Rabbi Saftler is very concerned that “Colorado’s ski visitors and land prices could plummet from the proposed Pueblo Plant and Paradox Canadian-owned Uranium Mill” – both up for decision.

He says it would further contaminate Colorado’s water and air, already poisoned by “unpluggable leaks,” say owners from a dozen existing or abandoned uranium mines, dumps and mills that could reopen if the nuclear industry is allowed to be artificially revived by tax payers since they have failed to attract legitimate investors. “Yet the Nuclear Industry spends $650 million on lobbying and payoffs,” reported the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Here is our chance to together restore our American Dream:

1. Demand the Senate DELETE THE $36 BILLION NUCLEAR ENERGY GUARANTEE LOANS or any kind of giveaway from the 2012 Budget and the 2011 Continuing Resolution,” adding up to 54.5 billion in case you haven’t yet at: .
2. DEMAND Congress and the White House HEED JAPAN’S WARNING by putting a hold on approving new plants, conducting a thorough review of the safety of our existing nuclear power plants, and focusing investments on safer, cleaner forms of renewable energy like wind and solar power. .

3. “Find Your Representatives” button on the above “, and tell them:
a. NO to DEVEOPING AND CERTIFYING SMALL MODULAR REACTORS under the Nuclear Power 2021 Act (S. 512). Ask them what part of 100,000 years of a nuclear nightmare and waste of taxpayers money, don’t they get?
b. SHIFT the PROPOSED $36 BILLION NUCLEAR LOAN GUARANTEES To renewable wind and solar energy.
c. SHIFT 1/3 of the 60 BILLION TAXPAYERS UNKNOWINGLY SPEND ANNUALLY ON NUCLEAR BOMBS AND WEAPONRY that Admiral Shanahan says “do nothing to protect Americans from the new War on Terrorism,” to renewable wind and solar energy – like the Chinese shifted. Plus restore social program: food for the poor, green jobs, rehab the Gulf, raise tax credits for electric cars, sustainable organic farming, children, students, Planned Parenthood, the elderly, and pay down a chunk of the national debt each year.
d. Also TELL THE WHITE HOUSE, bravo on Michelle’s third organic garden, and WHAT YOU WANT AT: 202-456-1111.
e. Plus PROTECT OUR NATIONAL TREASURE – THE GRAND CANYON FROM FOREIGN OR U.S. URANIUM MINING that would contaminate the last pure water in America, and drinking and AG water of the Southwest and Los Angeles. .

Congratulations. You can take pride in telling your children that you are part of the brilliant team that is creating a flowering Green Powered New Earth that hums with happiness!

Article is Copr. © 2011 by Olympic Skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee – all rights reserved. Opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this publication (eNewsChannels) or its publisher (Neotrope) and the story has not been revised by ENC staff other than basic formatting. Illustration used with permission, courtesy Mike Keefe and

Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee Bio - as first woman on the USOC board in the 70s, she led the successful reform of the Olympic Rules with Legends like Bill Bradley, Muhammad Ali, Jack Kelly, Kip Keino, which leveled the playing fields with the government supported countries through Madison Ave, then led the Title IX March in DC. In 1996 she co-founded the Native American Olympic Team Foundation that has inspired ski areas across the US and Canada to invite tribal youth to share the joy of skiing with over 10,000 youth, which inspires their Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from droughts for 55 years. At the request of SLOC, she orchestrated a snowdance that restored their snow and also a Native ceremony with Ali, that protected Utah from expected terrorism, and every Olympics since then, including RIO!