MT. SHASTA, Calif. — With Europe’s warmest winter in 1,250 years putting the Winter Olympics at risk, a group representing over a billion are inviting our Earth Family to join in prayer, dance, and celebration this month of our unified love of our Mother Earth, starting Valentine’s Day (Feb 14). “This expands on Americans celebrating our sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, and unites with this month’s Lunar New Year’s celebrations and prayers of Asian and global faith communities,” according to Mary Ho, President of the China Millennium Council, and Olympic skier, Suzy Chaffee, Native Voices Foundation (NVF) co-chair.

In December, NVF learned about “Europe’s catastrophic weather,” (following many Arctic Villagers losing way of life), through French Princess Caroline Murat, a NVF advisor. The call came just as Chaffee finished documenting a Dozen Snow, Rain & Temperature Miracles by American Indian Elders at US Ski Areas on: The press proof was requested by climate leaders of the American Indian Nations and Stanford University, who are also seeking collaborative solutions with Elders.

On hearing from the IOC that most of their European World Cup Races have been canceled, Woody Vaspra (Hawaiian-Chinese), President of the World Council of Elders in almost every country, magnanimously offered the assistance of the Council’s Indigenous Elders to step up ceremonies around the world to help heal and rebalance Earth’s man-made part of the global warming. A former pro football and baseball star, Vaspra’s effort is to help enhance the healthy future of Snow Sports and the Winter Olympics, also at the urging of the Native American Olympic Ski and Snowboard Team.

“Our indigenous peoples share a similar language and spirituality as the Navajo and can understand each other,” said Mary Ho, a skier and member of the Clinton Global Initiative Team. She also wants to fortify their 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Vaspra formerly served on an International Committee Studying the Affects on Global Warming. Fellow NVF Advisor, HRH Prince Albert of Monaco, IOC member and Lakota adoptee, led a North Pole expedition last summer to raise awareness about Global Warming. Vice President Gore then suggested in his “Inconvenient Truth,” to also pray. The Oscar nominee supports the Carbon Offsets of, a sponsor of the Native American Olympic Bid and Team.

“To support the Elders ceremonies, our group that includes Jan Roberts, President of the (UN) Earth Charter US with 2,500 organizations, is globally distributing the following Prayer via press, e-mail, and soon on the Internet’s ‘You Tube.’ With unified focus, Oneness scientists and Elders agree we can make a powerful difference toward restoring the natural balance of the Earth’s Climate,” assures Chaffee. She witnessed 10 years of priceless Elders’ weather miracles, including before the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, in appreciation to 60 ski areas inviting nearby tribes home to ski and snowboard.

“A group of our (UN) Earth Charter US members opened an event with the Elders’ Prayer two weeks ago, and were delighted to hear that Europeans were blessed with some snow,” said Jan Roberts, EC President.

“Indigenous Elders are Mother Earth’s wisest caretakers and still know how to talk to Her,” said Sperry Andrews. Director of the Human Connection Institute, Sperry and other eminent scientists, physicists, avatars of India, the Oneness University, are part of 100 million practicing Oneness Consciousness.

“Adopting sustainable practices is the long term solution. The Elders’ ceremonies and our prayers are the most timely way to slow down global warming,” said Kerrie Wilson, founder of Phoenixvoyage. (See upcoming US Cirque de Soleil-like fun Sustainability Ed events).

“We want to create more harmony between our cultures and Mother Earth,” said Eddy Box Jr (S. Ute Elder), whose four generations helped save Vail from snow droughts since 1963. (Covered on CBS’s Huntley-Brinkley Report).

“The World Council of Elders and NVF, both 501(c)(3) Colorado non-profits, are seeking supporters to assist the Elders with expenses (only) for these on-going ceremonies,” said Vaspra. The mission of NVF’s partnership of US Tribal leaders, Elders and Olympians is “to create joyful unity through sports and education to help heal Mother Earth for all our children.”

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