LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Many people will be on the road for the holidays during the upcoming weeks and they want to arrive at their loved ones happy, healthy and clean; Aero-San has a new product – the Premiere Travel Health Pack – that can help to make that happen.

The Premiere Travel Health Pack is a combination of Aero-San’s most popular-selling products in one drawstring-net bag for easy carrying. It includes: One Traveller’s Edge(TM) Head Rest Cover; One Personal Travel Blanket; One Packet of Six Individual Antiseptic Towelettes; and One Everlight Travel Flashlight.

The head rest cover fits over the back of most airline seats. They have a soft, comfortable feel, yet are designed for durability. The travel blanket is larger than people will find on most airlines and it has not been used by countless other strangers. The towelettes are citrus scented and can be used for wiping down tray tables, and other public surfaces where germs live. The flashlight never requires batteries and is perfect for emergencies.

Other products offered include: personal health masks, seat covers, and travel pillows.

“We’re trying to make it easy for the road warriors,” Inez Drummond, president, Aero-San said. “People have enough things to remember – tickets, luggage, family, business – it all takes up time.”

In addition, with the impending flu season and recent articles which have appeared in the press, the Premiere Travel Health Pack comes at a good time.

The New York Times recently reported that the spread of flu is linked to airline travel; and the Denver Post revealed that the cleanliness on many airlines has taken a back seat to financial survival. The Today Show also recently spotlighted a story that focused on germs on planes and which diseases are most likely transmitted; the common cold and flu were the top two.

While Ms. Drummond understands that the ground crews are doing the best they can when it comes to cleaning and sanitation, it can be challenging and minimal at best, with such quick travel-turnaround times.

Traveller’s Edge(TM) health products and air-travel accessories are manufactured utilizing medical-grade materials. All of their air-travel accessories and travel-health products have been designed to help keep travelers happy, healthy, and clean.

Aero-San Traveller’s Edge(TM) products have been featured in USA Today, Los Angeles Business Journal, and Hemispheres Magazine.

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