NEW YORK, N.Y. — AgentFactor, a travel-veteran venture, announces the new offering of Travel eFulfillment and Ticketing Services to online and offline travel businesses. This turn-key service enables travel businesses to partially, or fully, outsource their backend operation and to focus more on sales and marketing initiatives.

In today’s thin margin of travel distribution, it is becoming too costly to retain operational personnel to perform the manual tasks required to fulfill procurement for small to medium-sized corporate and leisure businesses.

“Manual-driven travel fulfillment and ticketing results in higher error rates, higher costs, and ultimately, in decreased customer satisfaction in the form of booking cancellations or debit memos,” Jim Menge, CEO, AgentFactor, explained. “AgentFactor fills this gap by providing sophisticated quality control, file finishing, fraud prevention and auto-ticketing.”

AgentFactorAgentFactor will use the clients’ preferred booking engine (Pure Travel Fulfillment and Ticketing Solution) or AgentFactor’s provisioned booking engine from a third-party partner (Total Travel Fulfillment and Ticketing Solution).

“In addition to our fulfillment services,” Menge said, “we also offer customized, direct-to-consumer customer service support to business-to-business clients. This offering is backed by 25 years of premier experience in travel fulfillment, ticketing and customer service. A private label ‘1-800′ answering service with client identification is available to meet clients’ budgets and return-on-investment (ROI) requirements.”

AgentFactor (, a wholly-owned company of International Travel Group (ITG), is a next-generation travel marketing and inventory distribution business leveraging pure Internet-based technologies; it develops and operates business-to-business travel distribution e-systems.

The unique value proposition provided by ITG is in linking key Internet technologies with the management of travel industry-specific fares and rates; and the aggregation of consolidator and published fares, including niche-tour products, real-time reservations, distribution of on-demand and shared yacht charters, and travel medical emergency and evacuation services.

Management at ITG includes seasoned executives and entrepreneurs from travel distribution, travel suppliers, technology and internet-focused businesses. Their collective and diverse experience has created a full-service, travel marketing organization with a global 2000 sophistication operational strategy.

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