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Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee Bio - as first woman on the USOC board in the 70s, she led the successful reform of the Olympic Rules with Legends like Bill Bradley, Muhammad Ali, Jack Kelly, Kip Keino, which leveled the playing fields with the government supported countries through Madison Ave, then led the Title IX March in DC. In 1996 she co-founded the Native American Olympic Team Foundation that has inspired ski areas across the US and Canada to invite tribal youth to share the joy of skiing with over 10,000 youth, which inspires their Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from droughts for 55 years. At the request of SLOC, she orchestrated a snowdance that restored their snow and also a Native ceremony with Ali, that protected Utah from expected terrorism, and every Olympics since then, including RIO!
Time to listen to the children - Courtesy: Lisa Montoya

Time to Listen to The Children!

OPINION: It is time to listen to the children who are inheriting this planet to find out what they want, what direction they want...
Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, who led the 1977 Title IX March in DC at the request of the PE Teachers of America

Title IX Key to Sustainability and Longevity of Snow Sports and Coastal Cities

OPINION: Leading the March down Washington’s Pennsylvania Ave in 1977, for TITLE IX’s “Equal Opportunity for Women in School Sports and Education,” at the...

Part 1: Olympians and Stars like Robert Redford the Best Hope for Arctic

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The magnificent pristine fragile Arctic is now in a battle for its LIFE, which will affect all life on Earth, especially the...

Open Letter to Navy to Find Moral Compass re: Deafening Whales and Dolphins

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The US Navy is deliberating right now on a plan to use high frequency underwater sound for testing in Hawaii and the...
Danielle Pelham - credit: (c) Elaine Pelham

London Olympics Can Help Us Win the Race to Save our Civilization

eNewsChannels COLUMN: While world leaders dropped the ball at June’s RIO+20 Earth Summit to getting us on the road to a sustainable future, We...

Native Elders ‘15 Mandates for RIO+20’ June 20-22 – Key to Regenerating Earth's Natural Capital

eNewsChannels COLUMN: What happens at UN’s RIO+2O Earth Summit on June 20-22 could have a major impact on the longevity of snowsports, glaciers, islands...

January's U.S. 'Snowdance Phenomena' Model for June's RIO+20

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The UN's International Mother Earth Day, in solidarity with Earth Day, following January's Snowdance Phenomena that saved Western ski areas from the...

Super Bowl and First Ladies Inspire Solutions to Greatly Reduce Hunger

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Hail to the National Football League (NFL) for compassionately hosting “Super Bowl Parties with a Purpose” this year through their “Taste of the NFL” and “Kick Hunger Challenge” to valiantly assist food banks in every NFL city.

Please Help U.S. Ski Areas by Including Mother Earth on Valentine's Day

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The buzz at the SnowSports Industries Show ending January 31 in Denver was about the Native American snowdance phenomena that restored snow...

Indigenous Elders Input Key to Restoring Earth at UN's RIO+20

eNewsChannels COLUMN: On November 1, our Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF) submitted to the UN its recommendations, including wisdom of Indigenous Elders, for the 2012 Rio+20 Conference, June 21-22. This marks 20 years after the first UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and never in history has there been such a need to work in unity to restore Earth.