ASCUTNEY, Vt. — Following a billion praying to help heal our Earth Mother of the man-made part of the global warming starting on February 14 – U.S. Valentines Day and New Years for many cultures – “She” responded! “We were blessed in February with enough snow to turn spring into winter so our European ski areas could open. Thank you, thank you,” reported French Princess Caroline Murat, Native Voices Foundation’s (NVF) Euro leader “of the Napoleon Tribe.”

“Snow sports and Winter Olympics lovers were given hope and empowerment that by praying together we can help balance the weather and slow down the global warming,” agreed the amazed organizers Mary Ho, a China Olympic host as President of the China Millennium Council, and Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee, NVF co-chair.

At the DeBartolo Family Foundation Benefit in Tampa, Florida in late February, Olympians Naomi Lang (ice dancer, Karuk tribe) Chaffee and scientist Sperry Andrews saluted General Schwarzkopf for helping plant the seed for Europe’s snowblessings, which also ended droughts in the Midwest and New England. In his 1999 letter to Telluride’s owners, the skiing General said, “It is entirely appropriate that Telski donate free skiing to members of the Ute Tribe. Native Americans were the original conservationists recognizing the impact of the environment and wildlife on the quality of life of human beings.”

As a result, the program snowballed to 70 ski areas, which inspired Elders in 10 states to help their ski areas, and the SnowSports Industries of America and Stanford University to partner with Elders around the world to help “Keep Winters Cool.” So when the IOC confirmed that Europe was having the warmest winter in 1,250 years, Woody Vaspra (Hawaiian-Chinese), fellow Viet Nam (pilot) Vet and athlete turned President of the World Council of Elders, graciously led the World Prayer so Native American youth and all youth have a chance to enjoy snow sports and compete in future Winter Olympics.

Suzy Chaffee NVFPhoto Caption: (L-R) Mark Fitzgerald, Olympians Naomi Lang (Karuk) and Suzy Chaffee with scientist Sperry Andrews, at Tampa’s DeBartolo Benefit, honoring General Norman H. Schwarzkopf for inspiring Colorado’s Telluride SkiCo to share free skiing with the ancestral Utes, which led to turning around Europe’s “catastrophic” snow drought in February.

“I’m glad Europe finally got its winter because snowmelt is vital to the cycles of life. The World Prayer showed us that when our Earth Family unites to express our love and appreciation to Mother Earth, we can help heal Her, as scientists now agree that the warming is primarily man-made. This buys us time for our long range sustainable practices to take affect. We need to continue these prayers for the whole planet, especially to help the Arctic Circle, Australia, Africa, and other regions in the future,” said Vaspra. “Following all traditions, please all join us in a Prayer of Gratitude for Europe’s blessed snow,” he said.

“We thank you Creator (other Source) for helping us with our prayer to assist our Mother Earth. We have become quite aware of what we need to do to help ourselves. It is time now that we take on our responsibilities to honor and care for our wonderful planet. We are working very hard to reunite as One Family. Again, we thank you for giving us your love, your help and your trust to retake our responsibilities,” said Woody Vaspra, World Council of Elders.

Aspen (Ascutney, Vt.) hosts an annual Ute Snow Gratitude Ceremony on April 14th, during Closing Weekend, which does wonders for conditions and continuing their abundant snows. As water, proven by photographs of snow crystals in Dr Emoto’s NY Times Bestseller, “Messages from Water,” is a living, loving organism, like Mother Earth.

“We are grateful to all those who joined the Elders Prayer, especially our network leaders: UN NGO member Jan Roberts, Earth CharterUS President, Andrews, director of Human Connection Institute of the Oneness Network, Apache Elder Valerie Nunez, Abenaki Chief Nancy Lyons and Rick Hunt, Yellowbird’s Earthdance 8 in Peru, as well as the DeBartolos, Stanford’s Dick Enersen, Kit and Calvert Collins Foundation, and Ambassador Gil Robinson, for helping make this breakthrough possible,” said Chaffee.

“Finally collective consciousness is being factored into the Global Cooling Solution,” applauded Roberts and Andrews.

“Thank you all for your warrior courage and spirit of light to inform our Earth Family that prayer can veer us off this road to extinction,” said Flordemayo (Mayan) of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon. “In unity we can pass on something we can be proud of to our youth of tomorrow.”

“The World Council of Elders and NVF, both 501(c)3 Colorado non-profits, are seeking supporters to assist the Elders with expenses to also step up leading earth healing ceremonies (that stopped beetle bug epidemic in S.Cal) at sacred sites around the world,” said Vaspra. The mission of NVF’s partnership of US Tribal leaders, Elders and Olympians is “to create joyful unity through sports and education to help heal Mother Earth for all our children.”

Woody Vaspra

Suzy Chaffee,

Mary Ho

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