Assemblyman Jeff GorellOXNARD, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Calif. Assembly Member Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) released the following statement today regarding news that Governor Rick Perry of Texas will be visiting his district on February 12 in an effort to lure to Texas one of the Assembly member’s constituent companies, Haas Automation, an Oxnard-based manufacturer:

“I am frustrated that Governor Perry and governors from other states continue to see California as fertile ground to steal businesses.  It’s time to end the dismissive, pithy comments from Sacramento. Rather, we must thwart their efforts by creating a better business climate in California and by making a case for our state as a place to grow jobs.

To do this, I started locally and formed Gold Team California. ( I have been working closely with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and dozens of state and local elected and business leaders to find ways to keep Haas Automation and other businesses like Haas here in California.  But we need more firepower.

Like the governors of other states, California Governor Jerry Brown needs to be the “marketer-in-chief” and make a case for California.  I call upon Governor Brown to personally compete with Governor Perry and other chief executives to keep jobs here.  This is a role he has largely ignored.  Large employers, like Haas, need to hear directly from Governor Brown as to why they should stay.  He needs to articulate a vision and strategy to make California competitive and a great place to do business once again.  No more pithy statements.

Haas Automation is an anchor employer in the community, providing vital middle wage jobs to hundreds of people throughout Ventura County through their cutting edge innovation.   Haas Automation is also a strong corporate neighbor showing generous financial support for education, social and environmental programs in the area.

Like other local employers, we will continue as best we can to fight to keep Haas Automation in California and in Ventura County.  I have had numerous meetings with the executives at Haas Automation to better understand their business.  I have introduced legislation that supports manufacturers throughout the state, including Haas.  I have brought other state leadership into the mix to help understand and respond to some of the company’s issues, including introducing them to Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, who also serves as the chair of the California Commission on Economic Development, and to George Runner, the elected regional representative on the California Board of Equalization.  We will continue to do what we can until Governor Brown engages on this important issue. “

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