ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Stainless steel roses? How about leather or wood? Roses are the ultimate symbol for love and affection and a new Web site, The Anniversary Rose, offers an array of flowers handmade from materials that follow the traditional anniversary gift list. company has finely-crafted roses in materials that follow the anniversary gift list. The top 10 are: paper, cotton, leather, fruit, wood, candy, wool, bronze, pottery and aluminum. Some even come with personalized poems.

“I was always searching for cool gifts made from materials on the list; it’s just not that easy to find a truly romantic gift made of aluminum or wood,” Mark Dietzel, founder, said. “That is when I thought of making roses from the various materials on the anniversary gift list.”

Mark DietzelAfter having managed a Christmas and anniversary gift site for several years, Dietzel became interested in the traditional anniversary gift list and was receiving lots of e-mails asking for help in finding a gift that followed the traditional list; he discovered a niche market and sought to fill it. All roses are handcrafted and provide a unique way of telling someone that you love them.

“My wife started to cry when she opened the box and found five wood roses,” one happy customer said. “She said it was the most romantic gift I had given her in our five years together.”

Another customer recently contacted site; he was a soldier in Iraq. He said that the gift allowed him to make a happy anniversary for his wife even though he was not there to be with her.

Dietzel is working on other projects where he will continue to bring attention to the roses. He has recently donated 100 sets of wood roses to schools to use for fundraising events. He has set aside a surplus of stock and hopes to offer this opportunity to many other area schools. A poetry contest to run on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day is also in the works.

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