MIAMI, Fla. — What’s a widget? Foreclosure Deals announces some new features – its new widgets – created for easy and up-to-date foreclosure database access and mortgage rate information. “Widgets are a great way to build a user’s knowledge of the material on your Web site,” James Foxx, real estate expert with Foreclosure Deals, explains. “Foreclosure Deals offers a list of viewable widgets and welcomes users to add them to their personal Web site or blog.”

Foreclosure DealsWidgets make it quicker and easier for Web site users to obtain information. For instance, realtors can add a Foreclosure Deals’ foreclosure for sale search box; a foreclosure home search box that also allows people to view Foreclosure Deals listings on a displayed slideshow; a customized widget that allows users to view a slideshow of the cheapest properties locally, state-wide, and nationally; and more.

The mortgage rate widget shows mortgage rates in an easy-to-understand, self-explanatory table.

These real estate widgets take the form of on-screen tools (homes, calculators, etc.) And, they are not only cool, slick and playful; they also help in customer tracking and brand propagation.

“Real estate Web masters will be able to retrieve these widgets simply by accessing them on our Web site where they will receive a free source code,” Foxx adds. “In today’s day and age, people want information at a glance. Anything that makes it easy for potential clients to find information is a win-win situation.”

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Foreclosure Deals is an online resource with more than 1.5 million real estate properties listed that include: foreclosed homes, pre-foreclosure homes, bankruptcies and foreclosure auctions.

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