LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The Family Church International of Pasadena California announces a new regular service called, “Get Your Word On,” starting this Saturday at 6 p.m. This regular weekly service will be led by two pastors: Pastor Harvey Brown Jr.; and Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Pastor Craig X Rubin. In 2006, Rubin was famously arrested at his own church, “Temple 420,” on Hollywood Blvd. by a joint task force of Federal and California law enforcement officials, but has been working as a pastor at the family church since early in 2008.

Pastor Craig X RubinRubin had been running the temple for both Jews and Christians calling it a “Judeo-Christian Congregation.” When he was arrested Rubin was told by an LAPD officer, “There is no such religion as Judeo-Christian.”

Rubin, a messianic Jew, was sentenced to five years in prison, however never served a day in jail. During the trial Rubin was not allowed to mention medical marijuana (an herb used for healing by Temple 420), the Bible, or the U.S. Constitution. Rubin continues to be an advocate for both the Bible and marijuana. Currently Rubin teaches a course on the “Jewishness of the New Testament” at the Union Bible in Pasadena and is a current registered candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles.

The Family Church ( is led by Senior Pastor Bishop Donnie Williams who is famous not only for his preaching and teaching of God’s Word, but for his movie and martial arts career. Bishop Williams was in Bruce Lee’s movie “Enter the Dragon” as well as seventeen other feature films, including some starring Chuck Norris. Members of the church are invited to a free karate class every Monday night led by the former World Champion (1977-1981).

“We have so many activities at our church,” stated Pastor Brown, “but Craig and I wanted to reach young people with the Word before they go out and party on Saturday night. You know, Get Your Word On before you head out…it will make Saturday night better.”

“Even though we are at a Christian church I still want to hang out to Jewish people, so we made the service after the Sabbath, so Jews can drive out to party with us.”

Rubin, who led a Free Speech club when he was a student at UCLA in the early 1990s, added, “We are going to open the Bible study up for questions and conversation too. Every one who wants to say anything or comment at the study will have the chance.”

The two pastors, both married, are trying to create a fun Saturday night Bible study for young and single people, as well as anyone interested in “the Word,” to get together. Rubin and his wife plan to organize the group going to the movies after the study. The church is between the Rose Bowl and historical Pasadena, which has a fabulous village for taking in a film or getting a nice bite to eat.

Pastor Valerie, head woman’s pastor of the church, said, “Studying the Bible should be fun and interesting. That’s what we here at The Family Church believe.”

No Reservations are needed to attend “Get Your Word On”
6 p.m. Every Saturday Night
The address is 1540 N. Lincoln Blvd. in Pasadena, CA 91103
There is parking available at the church.

For more information or directions contact:
Pastor Cheryl (626) 797-6633; or visit:

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