DENVER, Colo. — “It’s important for job seekers to understand, if they can get news that a company is about to launch a new product, for example, or recently enjoyed a lot of growth in a particular division, or just won a big contract, these news items are signals that the employer will likely be seeking a lot of qualified people to help them take advantage of their opportunities,” stated Steve Madden at the Denver headquarters of Job Market Access Center (JMAC).

“Our online, real-time Emerging Jobs SuperSearch, scours the major wire services to find emerging jobs in the ‘incubation stage’ where events like these signal a near-term need for key talent. When you make contact in these early stages, there is little or no competition. SuperSearch puts them all at your fingertips for immediate action, with new entries every day.

Job Market Access Center“Job seekers can specify the state and industry they are interested in. If they get too many entries, they can focus only on the most recent events or, if they wish, they can go back and select only certain types of events,” added Madden. Some other examples of the kind of news Emerging Jobs SuperSearch gives job seekers would include new financings, real estate purchases, relocations, startups, and new CEOs being appointed. There are literally thousands of events every day that might signal opportunity.

Added Madden, “Out of millions of articles and releases scoured, only those that fit the criteria of the job seeker are selected. Most people wouldn’t know where or how to find news of these event, because a lot of it never gets published.

At , we give our job seekers access to as much as 85% of the advertised openings, including those from newspapers, recruiter openings, job boards, employer sites, and trade magazines. We also provide access to the unadvertised job market among employers, recruiters and growth companies.”

Additional information: contact Steve Madden at 1-866-664-7440.

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