DETROIT, Mich. — Long Term Care Resources (LTCR), the national leader in marketing LTC insurance through affinity groups, and the American Bar Insurance Plans (ABI), has developed a new, comprehensive, long term care planning kit for attorneys.

Long term care insurance will pay for some or all of long term care expenses. Physical illness, disability, or cognitive impairment that lasts for a long period of time typically drives these expenses. Usually, a nursing home stay, home health care, adult day care, or care in an assisted living facility describes long term care situations.

The kit, which is available to American Bar Association (ABA) members, helps attorneys to understand the costs and risks related to long term care planning.

“Our partnership with LTCR has been very successful in providing our members with multiple carriers and special discounts that they cannot obtain on their own,” Tom Norris, ABI Executive Director and CEO, said. “We offer this new kit because it helps our members to understand this major risk and to learn about their planning options.”

Research shows that the cost for long term care is rising daily. Current estimates place the cost between $45,000 and $80,000 per year. Therefore, education is a good defense in response to these high costs.

“While the LTC program for ABA members has been very well received,” Rick Leonard, President of LTCR, said, “the number one challenge is getting members to understand that they are at risk and to plan now.”

LTCR is a national insurance agency and marketing company dedicated to long term care insurance and to the senior market; affinity groups interested in offering a customized LTC program may call 1-888-822-6841 for more information.

“We feel this planning kit will provide the type of education members seek and greatly enhance the program,” Leonard explained.

ABA members may order a copy of the planning kit via the ABA Web site at:

Also, to learn more about LTCR, visit: .

NEWS SOURCE: Long Term Care Resources (LTCR)
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