LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Three months ago Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes was cited for marijuana possession, Olympian Michael Phelps outed with a bong, brother of Barack Obama jailed for possessing one joint of cannabis, so marijuana has been in the news a lot this week. One candidate for the officer of Mayor of Los Angeles in the upcoming election is hoping the trend continues. Craig Rubin says, “Marijuana is the way out of the economic crisis. Here in California, marijuana is the number one cash crop.”

Some people in the industry have been speculating that marijuana use could hurt the endorsement value of celebrities. Bob Dorfman writing an annual marketing report searching for potential Madison Avenue stars to emerge from the Super Bowl noted that MVP Holmes, who was cited for marijuana possession last October, “Could repel mainstream advertisers or attract munchie food makers.” Dorfman is an Executive VP and Creative Director of San Francisco-based agency Baker Street Partners, a company specializing in sports marketing.

Aston Kutcher and Rubin both love the fact that marijuana’s recently in the news. Kutcher spoke out in favor of Phelps when the photo went worldwide on Rubin landed in an article with Brad Pitt in Globe Magazine last week as a “pot expert.” Rubin embraces the marijuana image appearing on Showtime’s Weeds where other celebrities such as Phelps apologize for smoking pot. Rubin commented on the Olympian, “I am sure he is pledging not to get caught because the article noted ‘he was no amateur on the bong.’ He was a pro!”

Rubin works as a Pastor and teaches at a local College the “Jewish History of the New Testament.” Going against the stereo-type stoner Rubin well dressed in pinstripes shows up early for every scheduled debate and forum held for the candidates. The current mayor has yet to show up not wanting exposure to public questioning.

Part of Rubin’s strategy as a Spanish speaking pastor has been to attack Villaraigosa’s base by going after the Latino community with a message of job creation. “I met a bi-lingual Latina social worker named Carmen at the Dolores Mission this past Sunday who said she was voting for me. I don’t even want to say what she said about our current mayor, but I don’t think the Latino vote is that secure for him.”

When asked about his arrest three years ago Rubin gave a direct straight forward answer that was clear and easy to understand. “Yes, I was convicted, but never made to go to jail. Currently, I am on probation. I think I was not given a fair trial and I am appealing the conviction.” Rubin has even been given permission from the judge to open a “marijuana facility” and he’ll be on KABC’s “McIntyre in the Morning” this coming Friday explaining more.

Rubin represented himself at trial, but most lawyers will tell you that receiving no jail time for a felony conviction is quite an accomplishment even for a seasoned attorney. Michael Levin, an attorney from Bruce Margolin’s office, noted during trial that he was impressed with Rubin’s courtroom skills. When asked why he chose to represent himself Rubin gives an interesting answer that leaves one questioning our justice system.

“I wanted to have an attorney,” Rubin told the crowd after his appeal hearing. Rubin’s case was selected for a “court tour” with college and law students participating in a question answer session after the hearing. “I didn’t trust anyone after my first two experiences with attorneys on this case.”

Rubin explains, “Antonio Garcia, who we later identified as an LAPD officer, initially approached me saying he worked for and that Robert Shapiro wanted to defend me. After meeting with Mr. Shapiro for more than two hours we came to realize he didn’t want to help us, but was doing someone a favor by seeing us for free. We got what we paid for. I paid another attorney to represent me through trial, but she left us right before trial refusing to give us a copy of the retainer agreement or our money back. She worked for the government too.”

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