NEW YORK, N.Y. — On Saturday, May 26th at 7:00 p.m., Steve Urban, native New Yorker and ground-breaking musician, will celebrate the 66th birthday of musical legend, Bob Dylan, at Kenny’s Castaways, a well-known Dylan hangout on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. Urban will honor classic Dylan tracks combined with original instrumentation.

Steve Urban, a die-hard Dylan fan, has been inspired by the artist’s lyrics and musical genius. During one of Dylan’s recent tours, Urban jammed to “Visions of Johanna” in an MP3 file that he created for; it received 10,000 plays in one week.

Urban was so blown away by the amount of public interest that he decided it was time to take his passion to the next level. As a solo performer with a powerful stage presence, Kenny’s Castaways is the perfect playing venue because it has the edge in musical ancestry and remains a major force for newcomers to showcase their talents.

Randolphe Entertainment Over the years, Kenny’s ( has developed a reputation as being the place to play and to be seen. Opening in 1967, Kenny’s immediately became the venue of choice among up and coming acts. It all began when the New York Dolls started playing there, and it was during one of their shows that Joey and DeeDee Ramone met. One of the most memorable moments came when Bruce Springsteen took the stage for a one-week run in 1973 – his New York City debut with the E-Street Band.

Musical icons such as Deborah Harry, Aerosmith, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Blues Traveler have also taken the stage at Kenny’s and Phish debuted there in 1988.

When Urban takes the stage, he will rekindle Dylan’s adventurous and daring spirit.

“In 1965, Dylan went electric combining the power and brute force of rock with the meaning and complex lyrics of folks songs,” Urban explained. “For this show, all songs will be classic Dylan tracks that will feature hip-hop and electronic beats mixed with original instrumentation.”

Urban has also played at other New York favorite locales such as the Knitting Factory. His first show was dubbed “Carnival Parade” – a unique, one-man show that mixed live guitar, vocals, DJ effects, and computer mash-ups, touching on varied styles such as hip-hop, jazz, psychedelic rock, and modern jam. He has performed “Carnival Parade” at several locations throughout New York and in Philadelphia.

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