ARTICLES and Columns

ARTICLES and Columns

Feature Articles, including Opinion and Commentary Columns by our Editorial Staff

ARTICLES and Columns

ARTICLES and Columns
Feature Articles, including Opinion and Commentary Columns by our Editorial Staff

Communication Nation: Jargonizing, or How American Business is Losing the War of Words

Communication Nation ColumnCOLUMN: Why write a six-word sentence when it's more fun to use 82 words and a bunch of gobbledygook? Scott G pokes fun at the way some businesses pontificate about themselves online and off.

Behind the Eye: Music Review – Peter Frampton 'Fingerprints' (2006)

Peter Frampton with GuitarMUSIC REVIEW: I was pretty excited to hear about the new disc "Fingerprints" from Peter Frampton, a seminal guitar god from the '70s who became enormously famous for his "Frampton Comes Alive" album and for his formant-tube guitar "talk box" sound on that record 30 years ago. I hadn't really thought about him much lately except when my iTunes jukebox cycled around to his tunes. So, getting the new disc was like hearing from an old friend again.

Music Critics Must Die: Art of the Recording Engineer – Matt Forger

Music Critics Must Die - Matt Forger InterviewINTERVIEW: Matt Forger speaks out to Scott G about everything from working with Michael Jackson to producing new artists like Mutant Radio. According to Matt, a pop song is a three minute fix of an emotional drug. We are connected through our humanity, and most successful songs speak to this.

Communication Nation: Digging the Idea of an iTomb

the video iTombCOLUMN: Following the announcement of a patent for the video enhanced gravemarker, Scott G ponders the next phase of cemetery chic. Might there be an iTomb in your future? Hats off and a twenty-one gun salute to television commercial producer Robert Barrows, recent recipient of U.S. Patent 7089495 for an invention called the Video Enhanced Gravemarker (VEG).

When Advertising Attacks: What Can Brown Do for Identity Theft?

COLUMN: Companies need to do a better job of policing themselves when signing up new customers on the Internet and through mail campaigns, otherwise...

Music Critics Must Die: Indie Artist Management – Economic Realities & Insightful Strategies

The G-Man, Music ReporterCOLUMN: Three personal managers of independent artists outline pathways for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. "An artist's music must be something I love," stated Jennifer Yeko of True Talent Management. "It has to be music I want to hear in my personal life as well as when I'm working."

Behind the Eye: New Phishing Scams Target Musicians Bidding on eBay for Used Gear

Oberhein OB12Just when you think it's safe to go shopping on eBay for used gear, like a vintage tube mic, or analog keyboard, the phishing artists have to ruin my day. Phishing, is the practice of trying to fool you into going to a website pretending to be a legitimate site, like a bank or eBay, or to contact somebody about a product or service through "real looking" email communications.

Music Critics Must Die: Online Music Marketing – Math or Myth?

G-Man MusicThe numbers are supposed to be big in online marketing, but are they significant in the online marketing of music? Clearly, we need someone with 'Net experience to set a few things straight. Scott Meldrum is a businessperson and musician with a dry wit and a background in bulk mail. Oops, excuse me, direct response advertising. He's also the man called on by major labels when they want to brand an artist and reach millions of fans via the Internet.

Music Critics Must Die: Digitizing The Record Industry – Retail Realities & the Road to Profits

G-Man Music If you're young enough, all you know is digital music. Forget about records. Or vinyl. Or eight-tracks. Or even cassettes. To these people, the brouhaha over digital rights management and pay-per-download models seems pretty silly. And the changeover from physical products to sound files isn't even an issue for them.

Interview: A Vision of Hope with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond TutuAn interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner, human rights activist and world renowned author and lecturer Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who shares a few thoughts on his book "God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time."