Consumer Electronics News, including Gadgets, Media Players and Related


Consumer Electronics News, including Gadgets, Media Players and Related

PricewaterhouseCoopers Analysis: Chinese Manufacturing Accounts for 90 Percent of Annual Growth in Worldwide Semiconductor Market

semiconductor consumptionSAN JOSE, Calif. -- Electronic systems manufactured in China were the driving factor behind 90 percent of growth in worldwide semiconductor consumption in 2005, continuing a trend first observed beginning in 2003, according to a comprehensive analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers of Chinese and other published statistics on the subject.

HVT Triples DLP Light Engine Repair and Recycling Capacity to Support Environmental Efforts

NORCROSS, Ga. -- Hong Video Technology, Inc. (HVT) is pleased to announce the completion of its expanded and renovated electronics display repair facility, including construction of a large darkroom that more than triples its capacity for alignment and testing of digital light processing (DLP) light engines.

HVT Showcases Expansive Clean Room within Upgraded LCD Panel Services Facility

LCD panel repairNORCROSS, Ga. -- Hong Video Technology, Inc. (HVT), a leading provider of custom services for LCD panel displays and digital light engines, today announced that it has remodeled and upgraded its services facility, including the addition of a showcase class 10,000 clean room.

CyberTouch Announces FlexTouch Touch Screen Technology for Flat Panels

NEWBURY PARK, Calif. -- CyberTouch is pleased to announce the introduction of FlexTouch, an unbreakable and flexible line of new touch screens designed for flat-panel or rear-projection displays. Utilizing polymer-on-polymer construction, FlexTouch incorporates four-wire resistive analog technology offering up to 86% transparency.

HearPod Adds Directional Mic with Open Fitting to its Line of BTE Hearing Aids

HearPod Directional MicCORNELIUS, N.C. -- HearPod Hearing Aids president Randy Wohlers, BC-HIS, today announced the introduction of HearPod Directional Mic Open Fitting hearing aid. This behind the ear aid is designed to cater to the hearing industry's hottest trends-directional microphones, open fitting and cosmetically discrete design. Directional microphones improve the wearer's ability to understand speech by focusing correction on voices in front of the wearer while reducing noises from behind.

Recharge a Cellphone, RIM Blackberry or Apple iPod While In-flight

InFlight Power recharging cableLOS ANGELES, Calif. -- InflightPower.com announced today a new and improved product for those travelers interested in recharging a Cell phone, RIM Blackberry(R) or Apple iPod(R) while in-flight. The new InFlight Power(TM) recharging cable has just been released for market sales.

Cellular Jewelry Inc. Receives Patent for Cellphone Alert Technology

patented Cellular BraceletLOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Cellular Jewelry, Inc. (www.cellularjewelry.com), a leading provider of cellular technologies and solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Cellular Jewelry(TM) a U.S. patent (Patent Number 6,954,659). The Cellular Jewelry(TM) work as an alerting device and flashes when a signal is received within 3 feet of a cellular phone.

Auvi Announces Dual Mode Cordless Phone – Supports Traditional Landline and Skype Calling

Auvi IP Skype PhoneST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Using the Internet to lower phone bills just got easier, thanks to the launch of Auvi's PHIP65 Dual Mode Cordless Phone. The sleek PHIP65 is the next generation of communication hardware which connects to a traditional landline and the computer, via USB port. This dual functionality gives consumers the freedom to make and receive both standard and / or Internet calls from a single cordless phone.