Holistic News, Spiritual Well Being, and Related Topics


Holistic News, Spiritual Well Being, and Related Topics

Holistic Natural Salt Crystal Lamps Gain in Popularity

PARSIPPANY, N.J. -- The Himalayan Salt Shop announced today that 2007 fourth quarter sales of its Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps have doubled from the previous year. Coverage of these lamps in the November 2007 issue of Woman's World magazine and the December 2007 issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine helped fuel the increase in revenue.

Virtue Perfume Links to God, Holy Spirit, Christ, and Stillness

ORANGE, Calif. -- "Be Still and know that I am God," said IBI CEO Rick Larimore, "is the passage that Eckhart Tolle referenced from the Bible's Psalm 46:10 in the first interview of Oprah's on-line presentation of Tolle's recent book 'The New Earth,' presented at oprah.com. This is the Biblical passage we have referenced the last 2 1/2 years on virtueperfume.com and our pamphlet, for the same reason. God resides in the still, silent center that is us."

Unity Consciousness Expo Brings Holistic and Natural Care Event to New Jersey

WEST TRENTON, N.J. -- As consumers search for complementary methods for health and well being, holistic and natural care has rapidly increased in popularity and entered the mainstream mindset. At long last a Holistic/Wellness Expo will be held in the West Trenton area of Central New Jersey. Princeton Holistic Clinic and the CHAI Center are pleased to announce that the first annual Unity Consciousness Expo.

Holistic Pet Expert Recommends Visit to a Vet BEFORE Pet Gets Sick

DANA POINT, Calif. -- Holistic Pet Expert, Susan Blake Davis from Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist is urging pet owners to take their pets to the veterinarian BEFORE their pets act sick. Davis says that holistic and preventative veterinary care are the keys to pet health and longevity.

Six Positive Predictions for 2008, Make Them Happen

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. -- New terror attack? Pandemic? Recession? Killer bees? No! Only positive predictions, please. That's the attitude of Richard W. Samson, founder of SuperLife World Service, a web network that made its debut last month. "Enough bad news, already," says Samson.

New Book Exposes Provocative Effects of Hypnotism on the Subconscious Mind

GILROY, Calif. -- Bookstand Publishing announces the release of "Revelation of the Unrevealed" (ISBN: 978-1-58909-431-4), authored by Michael O'Patrickson, and based on real-life experiences. At the core of the book is a discussion and analysis of hypnotism.

Grand Yoga and Vedic Cultural Center and University Opens in Los Angeles

NithyanandaMONTCLAIR, Calif. -- Immerse yourself in the vibrant and colorful Vedic Era! Experience the celebrations and ceremonies of India, western and world music and fun family entertainment, for three energizing and joyful days at the Grand Consecration of a Vedic Temple. Join us at the new Nithyananda Vedic Temple, Nov. 9th - 11th.

Anttyr Publishing Releases 'The Day I Found Me' – Book Tells Story of Self Discovery

YORKTOWN, Va. -- Anttyr Publishing, a Virginia-based publishing company, announces the release of a new book "The Day I Found Me" (ISBN: 978-0-9790328-1-3). The book centers on a young girl's struggle to escape a life of abuse and unhappiness; it draws the reader in through a well-documented journey that provides a sense of hope and closure.

Himalayan Message Project Expedition will be Carrying the Most Precious Cargo in the History of Mankind

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- At the end of March 2008 from the Himalayas in Nepal will start a special expedition to the summit of Mount Everest. The participants of the Himalayan Message Project expedition will be carrying the most precious cargo in the History of Mankind - the Book of human dreams, hopes and joys, the words of commitments, prayers and messages sent by people from all over the world.

Intuitive Health in SoHo Teaches and Provides Healing Methods to Restore the Physical Being

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- In today's world of stress and illness, people continue to seek ways to improve and restore health. Intuitive Health offers custom-designed wellness programs to incorporate their clients' inner awareness into a comprehensive health program.