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Medical Device News, Healthcare Products, & Related News Stories

Medical Devices

Medical Devices
Medical Device News, Healthcare Products, & Related News Stories

Alma Lasers Receives FDA Clearance for the Accent Dual Mode RF System

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- Alma Lasers a global leader in laser, light-based, and radio frequency (RF) technologies used in aesthetic medicine announced today that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Accent(TM) Dual Mode RF System in the United States.

New SilverFast X-Ray is Cost Effective Method of Digitizing and Archiving X-Ray Films

SilverFast X-RayKIEL, Germany -- LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast, the world standard in scanning software, has now applied its vast knowledge of image capture and optimization to the medical and dental trade. SilverFast X-Ray can now capture the highest amount of detail possible from x-ray film.

Alma Lasers Reaches Favorable License Agreement with Palomar Medical Technologies – Parties Settle On-Going Patent Litigation

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- Alma Lasers announced earlier today that it has resolved an ongoing patent litigation with Palomar Medical Technologies that involves certain U.S. hair removal patents. Palomar has an exclusive license for these patents, owned by the General Hospital Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

HearPod Hearing Aids Offer Low Cost High Tech Solutions

HearPod Hearing AidCORNELIUS, N.C. -- According to HearPod Hearing Aids millions of Americans who suffer from hearing loss and could benefit from hearing aids don't wear them. High cost is often cited as the reason. A National Council on the Aging survey showed that 55 percent of surveyed seniors not using hearing aids find cost to be a barrier.

Alma Lasers and Palomar Medical Technologies Settle Infringement Lawsuit

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- Howard Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Alma Lasers, announced today that Alma Lasers, Ltd. and Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. have settled their civil action filed in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. The suit involves certain US hair removal patents owned by Massachusetts General Hospital and licensed exclusively to Palomar.

Enviromax Introduces a Stimulating Breakthrough in Prostate Massage and Men's Health

Prostate CradleANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The Prostate Cradle External Massager, developed by Enviromax, based in Eagle River, Alaska, has been selling on the Internet since last March and the company is struggling to keep up with orders. "I developed the Prostate Cradle out of necessity to help successfully deal with my enlarged prostate," Adam McVay, said. "The response has been overwhelmingly positive."

HearPod Adds Directional Mic with Open Fitting to its Line of BTE Hearing Aids

HearPod Directional MicCORNELIUS, N.C. -- HearPod Hearing Aids president Randy Wohlers, BC-HIS, today announced the introduction of HearPod Directional Mic Open Fitting hearing aid. This behind the ear aid is designed to cater to the hearing industry's hottest trends-directional microphones, open fitting and cosmetically discrete design. Directional microphones improve the wearer's ability to understand speech by focusing correction on voices in front of the wearer while reducing noises from behind.

Baby Boomers Find HearPods Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

HONOLULU, Hawaii -- Ask any baby boomer why they have not gotten help with hearing aids and they will usually say "price." HearPod, Inc. is lessening these financial fears. By providing quality, 100% digital aids at a fraction of the cost.

HearPod Leads the Way in Digital Hearing-Aid Technology

HearPod Hearing AidCORNELIUS, NC -- HearPod hearing-aid solutions ( were developed by baby boomers for baby boomers to resolve mild to moderate and high-frequency hearing loss. Baby boomers do not like settling for second best; that is why this active, successful and health-conscious group of people is turning to HearPod digital hearing aids - to help improve their lives through better hearing.