News: Non-Profit Organization

News: Non-Profit Organization

Non Profit Organizations News and NonProfit Charity Organization News

News: Non-Profit Organization

News: Non-Profit Organization
Non Profit Organizations News and NonProfit Charity Organization News

NBFAA Awards $20K in Scholarships to Children of Police and Fire Officials

IRVING, Texas -- There is nothing quite like seeing dreams come true, but that's just what happened recently thanks to the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA). Through the association's Youth Scholarship Program, NBFAA members awarded $20,000 in college scholarships to three children of police and fire officials.

Half of Humanity to Raise Earth Vibration on 7.7.07 – A Message of Love, Oneness and Hope from St Francis

SEDONA, Ariz. -- On 7.7.07, Vice President Al Gore and LIVE EARTH musicians, whom some call "Modern Day Shaman," may be playing the biggest roles of their lives, along with traditional Shaman (Indigenous Elders). Together they may be inspiring half of our Earth Family - 3 billion - to lift the vibration of Earth through joyous song, prayer and ceremonies. Shaman help unite heaven and earth for society, according to Olympic skier Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, co-chairman of Native Voices Foundation (NVF), which orchestrates Elders-led World Prayers.

Sedona Becoming Hope for Generations: You Don't Have to Buy a Hybrid to Make a Difference

Green SedonaSEDONA, Ariz. -- America's Red Rock Cathedral is becoming a Green Model of Hope for Earth's children. "To keep Sedona healthy and enhance global cooling, our community is taking bold measures," said Green Sedona founder Matthew Turner, a 34 year old environmental scientist. "Turner offers simple natural solutions which raise the green bar for his Generation X, plus Y and Z," said Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, co-chairman of the partnering Native Voices Foundation.

Study Reveals the Nonprofit Arts Industry as a Formidable Business and Economic Driver for Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania (CFA/PA) announced today the results of the economic impact of the nonprofit arts industry in Pennsylvania. These statewide results were compiled as part of the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry ever conducted in the United States.

California Ferret Organization Calls for Re-Evaluation of Ban on Domestic Ferrets

Ferrets AnonymousSAN DIEGO, Calif. -- In an open letter to Secretary of Agriculture A.G. Kawamura, dated June 2nd, 2007, the non-profit organization,, part of the San Diego chapter of Ferrets Anonymous, requested a formal re-evaluation of the California state-wide ban on domestic ferrets (Musteo putorius furo).

Join Mosaic Jewish Outdoor Club of South Florida for its annual 'Mix and Mingle' Membership Drive HAPPY HOUR

Mosaic Jewish Outdoor ClubHOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Please join the Mosaic Jewish Outdoor Club at Aroma Cafe & Bar in Hollywood, FL on June 13 to meet new people and have a fun-filled evening of dancing, food, and a few good drinks. Renew or become a Mosaic member, or bring a guest who's never been to a Mosaic event for an entry into our raffle.

First Large-Scale Spraying Campaign for Malaria in Senegal in 50 Years Underway

DAKAR, Senegal -­- The U.S. Goverrnment, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, launched two new activities under the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) in Senegal yesterday with the start of the first large-scale community-based spraying campaign in Senegal in the village of Keur Moussa and the delivery of 200,000 bednets in outlying areas of the capital, Dakar.

NBFAA Offers Tips for Home Security: Summer is Just around the Corner – So are Thieves

NBFAAIRVING, Texas -- Nearly every 15 seconds a burglary is committed in the United States, and the busiest burglar season is summer. So before you pack that suitcase, board the family pet and say goodbye to everyday chores, make sure you've planned ways to keep your home and valuables safe. To help with that planning, the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) offers these tips.

Celebrant Graduates to Officiate at Ceremonies for People to 'Live the Art of Life'

Celebrant USAMONTCLAIR, N.J. -- Under a band of multi-colored ribbons and accompanied by live yodeling, fifty graduates received certificates and joined the growing ranks of Celebrants during ceremonies Sunday at the Madison Hotel in Morristown, N.J., it was announced by Celebrant USA Foundation & Institute.

Thieves Beware – Alarm Systems Know What You're Up To

NBFAAIRVING, Texas -- The air was electric as central station operators at HSM Electronic Protection Services worked tirelessly to help police apprehend three would-be thieves that had broken into a customer's store. Their persistence and dedication to their customer was what earned HSM the 2007 First Line of Defense Award.