Deadly Spin: Propaganda Practices in the USA

ARTICLE: Wendell Potter, formerly a propagandist for various avaricious and venal corporations, 'fesses up and reveals the prevarication, lying, deception, and obfuscation of the industries that pick your pocket every day. His 'Deadly Spin' opens the playbook used by corrupt companies, insufferable industries, and the GOP.

Book Review: 'The Righteous Mind' by Jonathan Haidt

REVIEW: Jonathan Haidt grabs onto the twin time-bombs of American punditry, politics and religion, and does so from an amazingly optimistic point-of-view. He combines...

Book Review: 'As Texas Goes…' by Gail Collins

REVIEW: The litany of deceit, stupidity, outrage, and perfidy from the lone-brain-cell state is remarkably terrifying, yet Gail Collins is such a good writer...

Book Review: 'The Republican Brain' by Chris Mooney

REVIEW: Rational people have always wondered about the anti-fact and anti-science positions of republicans, conservatives, RWNJs, birthers, and morons in general. Turns out there...
The Fox Effect by David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt

Book Review: 'The Fox Effect' by David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt

REVIEW: A fact-packed and smoothly written work, “The Fox Effect” demonstrates how Fox News chairman Roger Ailes operates from the Joseph Goebbels playbook by...

Book Review: 'Drift' by Rachel Maddow

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Wisdom and wit make a devastating combination, which is why The Rachel Maddow Show is steadily charming its way into the hearts...

Book Review: 'Among the Truthers' by Jonathan Kay

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Some of them believe in reptile overlords and all of them are seeking non-existent data about secret cabals in government. Members of...

Book Review: 'The Last Testament' by God (with David Javerbaum)

eNewsChannels COLUMN: God has quite a sense of humor, once you get past all the smiting, tormenting, and killing. Whether setting things straight, settling...

Book Review: 'The Daring Spectacle' by Mark Morford

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Ideas and opinions come flying at you non-stop in Mark Morford's essays. His eye-opening concepts are presented with slashing images and hyperbolic language. This results in delightful shock waves for the brain and jarring karma for the soul.

Book Review: '19 with a Bullet' by Granger Korff

eNewsChannels COLUMN: On the surface, this is a book about combat, both personal and professional. But while there are plenty of scenes with bloody battles, all of which are shocking and gripping to read, you will also find humanity, philosophical questioning, and ultimately the cleansing elation of personal redemption.