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Terrapin Care Station Launches New Products for Colorado Legal Cannabis Market

NEWS: (BOULDER, Colo.) Terrapin Care Station, with dispensaries in Boulder and Aurora, Colo., begins a new year with the launch of two cannabis products that incorporate innovative packaging design with child resistance, product protection, and portability.

Dr. Don Harte warns about the Failure of Big Pharma and Growing Opioid Addiction Crises

CORTE MADERA, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: 'Giving voice to a growing public health problem,' notes Dr. Don Harte, Marin County chiropractor, 'a recent cover of TIME magazine bears a picture of a fishhook, with a pill as 'bait.' That cover proclaims 'They're the most powerful painkillers ever invented. And they're creating the worst addiction crisis America has ever seen.' No kidding!'