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In Illinois 21 Sexual Assault Orgs Stand by Rape Survivor Melisa Vistain who was Charged

CARBONDALE, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- The Sexual Assault Myths Organization of Carbondale, says The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault 32 member board of lawmakers and professionals and 21 sexual assault organizations have hand delivered a letter to Jackson County, Ill. District Attorney Mike Carr asking him to drop all charges made by his office against Melisa Vistain, who was arrested after reporting her sexual assault.

The Women's Center of Carbondale Illinois Supports Sexual Assault Survivor Charged for 'False Reporting'

CARBONDALE, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Jury selection for the criminal trial of Melisa Vistain, of Jackson County, Ill., is set to begin March 12, 2013. Vistain faces felony charges for falsely reporting sexual assault. Rape Crisis Services of The Women's Center stands in support of Vistain. She insists on her innocence of these charges.

The Sexual Assault Myths Organization of Carbondale Illinois launches awareness campaign about victims being charged as alleged criminals

CARBONDALE, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- The Sexual Assault Myths Organization of Carbondale today launched an awareness campaign that explains that the Jackson County District Attorney, Mike Carr, has currently allegedly charged at least three people for reporting their sexual assault. The website and organization was formed by Larry Brunken a longtime resident of Jackson County because of what he says has destroyed his wife's life.