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Controverisial author 'Rainman' announces 2.0 edition of his book, 'Black Man Hates Obama'

PHOENIX, Ariz. /eNewsChannels/ -- Author RAINMAN announces the release of his new book, 'Black Man Hates Obama: OUTRAGED 2.0' (ISBN: 978-1450793025; paperback, 269 pp; RainMan SEZ, LLC).

New book: 'Black Man Hates Obama: The Views of a Conservative, Patriotic Black Man' released by Conspiracy Productions

PHOENIX, Ariz. /eNewsChannels/ -- In response, and in defiance to YouTube and Facebook account cancellations, author RainMan penned 'Black Man Hates Obama' (ISBN: 978-1450730006) to express his frustration at what he feels is 'warranted opposition towards the recklessness of the 'Obama Reign of Terror.''