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Tag: Energy Conservation

Ohio Solar array project at Adams County Ohio Valley Schools nearing completion

TIPP CITY, Ohio /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: In just a few weeks, Adams County Ohio Valley School District will harvest much of its electricity from the sun as part of an energy conservation project it has undertaken with Energy Optimizers, USA.

Cambridge City Schools energy conservation project to save more than $133K annually with Energy Optimizers USA

TIPP CITY, Ohio /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Cambridge City Schools in Ohio has partnered with Energy Optimizers, USA, to complete an energy conservation project that is expected to save the district $133,111 annually, allowing for more dollars to be directed to students and classrooms.

Energy Optimizers, USA helps New Richmond Schools in Ohio to Save $128K Annually by Implementing Energy Conservation

TIPP CITY, Ohio /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Adam Bird, Superintendent of New Richmond Exempted Village Schools in Ohio, is pleased to announce that the district has implemented an energy conservation project, which is being executed by Energy Optimizers, USA, to improve five existing schools, reduce over-all energy usage, and save taxpayer dollars.