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Eularis Changes the Rules of Marketing in Pharma with E-VAI the Artificial Intelligence Platform

NEWS: Eularis announces the release of E-VAI, the latest development in sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology delivering next generation analytics and decision making to Pharma marketers globally. E-VAI changes the game for marketers struggling to understand and get value from their marketing.

Eularis Updated Reports Help Pharma Companies Do More for Real Growth

LONDON, U.K. -- The pharmaceutical industry is facing unprecedented challenges on many fronts - a slew of patient expiries, a lack of blockbusters in the pipeline to replace the patent expiries, decreasing growth in many major markets, generic competition, constantly changing regulatory and competitive environment rendering old tools for analysis obsolete, increased pressure on CEOs to deliver shareholder growth resulting in budget cuts, downsizing, and less than optimal results.

Pharmaceutical eMarketing using Social Media: How to Use It Effectively

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Eularis is announcing the release of its report "How To Harness The Power Of Social Media In Pharmaceutical eMarketing." This...

Eularis Releases Comprehensive Report on Effective Pharmaceutical eMarketing

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Eularis is announcing the release of an update to its report "Pharmaceutical eMarketing: Building Brands, Relationships & Business Through Web...

Eularis to Hold Pharma Marketing ROI MasterClass in London

LONDON, U.K. -- Dr. Andree Bates, President of the Pharmaceutical analytics company Eularis, will be delivering a MasterClass on how to tell if you...

Eularis Analyzes Most Effective Generics Defense Strategies with New Pharma Industry Report

NEW YORK, N.Y. and TOKYO, JAPAN -- Branded Pharmaceutical companies are painfully aware of the astronomical growth of Generics competition. By the end of...

Eularis Challenges Pharma Industry in 2008: Are You Measuring the Wrong Things

LONDON UK, and TOKYO Japan -- With the ever-increasing pressure to ensure maximum return on investment, sales force effectiveness is becoming a high priority...