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Ask A Colorado Optometrist to Improve Your Eye-Q

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- The Colorado Optometric Association (COA) and 2020 Eyes Colorado are answering commonly asked patient questions to educate the public on eye health. 2020 Eyes Colorado is the COA's public awareness initiative to promote healthy eyes and vision across the state throughout the year.

Eating Your Way to Better Eye Health: Colorado Doctors of Optometry Encourage Eating Nutrient Dense Foods This Holiday Season

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Doctors of optometry across Colorado, 2020 Eyes Colorado, and the Colorado Optometric Association (COA) are addressing nutrition and eye health in the December awareness theme Eating Your Way to Better Eye Health.

2020 Eyes Colorado and Colorado Optometric Association announce winners of #2020EyesColorado First Annual Youth Art Contest

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- 2020 Eyes Colorado and the Colorado Optometric Association (COA) announce the winners of the #2020EyesColorado First Annual Youth Art Contest. Students grades 1-12 were invited to submit 2D artwork while reflecting on the value of their eyesight through the theme, A Beautiful Sight. The goal of the competition was to engage Colorado students in understanding the value of their eyes and their own eye health.

Colorado Optometrists Announce Tips to Help Avoid Eye Health Challenges from Increased Screen Time During 2020 Pandemic

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- As social distancing becomes a normal way of life during the COVID-19 pandemic many individuals are participating in increased screen time. The Colorado Optometric Association (COA) and the public health campaign 2020 Eyes Colorado, have collected tips from its doctors of optometry on how to keep eyes healthy.