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Could World Prayer Help Protect Sochi Olympics?

OPINION: The Olympics has been the greatest force for Peace, Understanding, Healing, and Unity for over 1000 years in Ancient times and 100 years in Modern times.  Given that Olympic heroes have inspired countless youth to be happily healthy, productive, brilliant and generous, we hope you will take a moment to join this world prayer for “The Joy and Safety of the Sochi Olympics,” heartened by how it has worked for the last five Olympics.
Opinion: Red State TV

Opinion: Red State TV

OPINION: After a friend wrote me about seeing a TV show called 'Focus on New Mexico,' we both started wondering if GOP-controlled states have similar programs. Of course they do! Let's take a peek at the outline for one of their offerings.
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Santa Fe Ski Area Gallantly Safety-nets Pajarito's NM-AZ Native Ski Program

After launching in early January the most generous Native snowsports outreach in history, inviting tribal youth of New Mexico and Arizona to ski in...

Pajarito Mountains New Mexico-Arizona Tribal Ski Outreach Helping Heal America

On January 4, Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, nestled near New Mexico’s Bandelier Canyon Cliff Dwellings going back 11,000 years, magnanimously launched an unprecedented snowsports...
Opinion: Rename the GOP

Opinion: Rename the GOP

OPINION: Republicans have long ceased to be the Grand Old Party, if that term ever applied to them, and therefore we are announcing a contest to re-brand republicans with an appropriate moniker.
The W Death Watch Doll

Opinion: The W Death Watch Doll

OPINION: Note to the Secret Service: This column in no way calls for any harm to come to the 43rd POTUS. It's just that there is a monetary gain that will accrue to some of us upon his demise and so, well, we're interested in his health, that's all. A long time ago on a planet very similar to ours, two friends had a practice of giving each other bad Christmas presents. It was a contest of sorts in which the winner was whoever could find the most outrageously awful gift ...
Article: Homeschooling: Is it Right for Your Kids

Opinion: Homeschooling: Is it Right for Your Kids?

OPINION: Let's say you are a moron and a member of the treason party. Oh I'm sorry, let me make that easier to understand: Let's say you are a republican. And let's say you want to indoctrinate your progeny in private. Oops, sorry again, I mean: Let's say you want to home school your kids. Are you ready for the challenge?
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Opinion: Is Conservatism Infectious?

OPINION: Sixty million people voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 race for President of the United States and since that candidate was one of the least-qualified in modern history it should be obvious that the ranks of conservative voters are huge. And yes, "rank" would be the operative word.

Opinion: Republican Town Hall Meeting

OPINION: People see the GOP as an out-of-touch, uncaring, heartless, backward, ignorant, and dangerous group of people who drape themselves in the flag as they pursue an ugly and vicious form of anti-Americanism. The GOP can't figure out why.