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Suzy and Iran Queen

How 'The People' Can Beat Iranian-American Peace Drums

ARTICLE: In 1977, fellow Olympic skier Billy Kidd and I had an adventure of a lifetime, skiing with Iranian Queen Farah Diba Pahlavi in their fresh "Persian Powder." It was to promote skiing and goodwill with Iran, made possible by two visionary friends, the popular TV host Barry ZeVan and Iran’s Ambassador to the U.S., Ardeshir Zahedi.
Review - The Girls of Atomic City

Book Review: Gadget Go Boom – 'The Girls of Atomic City' by Denise Kiernan

BOOK REVIEW: When you're at work, you have some idea of the product or service your employer provides. Not so for "The Girls of Atomic City." They had no idea they were helping create Fat Man and Little Boy, the bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII.

Book Review: Shabazz! 'Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention' by Manning Marable

BOOK REVIEW: Malcolm X is still controversial nearly 50 years after his assassination. In examining his life from a multitude of perspectives, author Manning Marable brings the reader close to Malcolm's thoughts, deeds, leadership, struggles, conflicts, contradictions, and presence -- which even today seems to have been larger than life.
Roland McCook, former N. Ute Chairman

Could National 'Snow Gratitude' Ceremonies Extend Future of SnowSports?

ARTICLE: The National Ski Areas Association’s NRDC study said that Colorado and Utah would be losing its snow by the end of the century unless there is an intervention - the East likely earlier. Fortunately, a consensus of the UN's 192 countries in 2012 identified the key to regenerating Earth: a combination of science/green energy and Ancient Wisdom, especially through the tribes.

Book Review: Of Slavery and Freedom – ‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’

REVIEW: When the United States of America was just a gleam in our founding fathers' eyes, the country faced some fascinating dichotomies, including human equality versus inhumane captivity and popular will versus monarchal rule. These battles and several others play out in intimate detail in Jon Meacham's excellent "Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power."
Particle at the End of the Universe

Photons and Bosons and Quarks, Oh My! – Book Review: The Particle at the End of the Universe

BOOK REVIEW: As science reveals more about our place in the universe, sentient beings are ecstatic about Sean Carroll's "The Particle at the End of the Universe" and its view of what might be called the blueprints of reality.

Kids Urge Ban on Trashing Space to Save Dads and Forests

OPINION: For the last two hundred million years up until 1970, our 'home' looked like this beautiful blue planet from Apollo 17 with three satellites orbiting it. Today, earth is shrouded with about 1,100 satellites, most for cell phone companies, and a half a million pieces of trashed ones, and most dangerous of all, some dumped nuclear waste. Together they are blocking the critical sunlight that Man and Nature need to happily thrive.

Book Review: 'Rule and Ruin' by Geoffrey Kabaservice

REVIEW: A newcomer to American politics would write off the Republican Party as a gang of xenophobic, racist, theocratic, misogynistic, fiscally irresponsible war-mongers. In "Rule and Ruin," Geoffrey Kabaservice explains how and why this happened.
Suzy Chaffee

How Moms Can Help Reduce Women and Children's Violence by 50 Percent

OPINION: What if we had the power to reduce the roots of violence by 50% – including one in three women raped world-wide -...

Deadly Spin: Propaganda Practices in the USA

ARTICLE: Wendell Potter, formerly a propagandist for various avaricious and venal corporations, 'fesses up and reveals the prevarication, lying, deception, and obfuscation of the industries that pick your pocket every day. His 'Deadly Spin' opens the playbook used by corrupt companies, insufferable industries, and the GOP.