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Diamond Expert Brian Gavin Launches a More Personalized Diamond Buying Experience

HOUSTON, Texas -- Brian Gavin, fifth generation diamond cutter and creator of his internationally renowned Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond brand, has launched a new state-of-the-art and visually exciting Web site that offers diamond buyers the perfect balance between a highly personalized shopping experience and an extensive selection of quality original and custom jewelry designs.

200Linx – The Ultimate iPad Start Page

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Apple's new iPad(TM) is the best way to experience the Web. 200Linx is the best Web site to experience the iPad. 200Linx has released 200Linx.com, the home page that brings you everything that's good on the Internet in one click, at one place.

The Top of Everything: New Web Site Monitors Web Activity to Predict Cultural Trends

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- World Mind Network today announced a new Web site which monitors activity to help predict cultural trends. The Internet has given mankind a lot of benefits, but one that may go somewhat unrecognized is its ability to predict where Society is headed, based on tracking every day's top news stories, Twitter feeds, blog posts, music downloads, videos, books, Web searches, social network posts, and Web sites.

iGivingWorld is a new Social Networking Platform Bridging the Gap between Foundations and Philanthropists

NASSAU, Bahamas -- It was the Clinton Global Initiative in New York that inspired Jane Siebels, founder iGivingWorld, to create an invitation-only, secure social media Web site to connect philanthropists and foundations around the globe. While there were so many people who attended the Global initiative, there were still so many more people to connect.