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The Vault: Bakdraff Releases New Album that Documents Steel City Struggles

NEWS: (PITTSBURGH, Pa.) 'The Vault' is the latest release from Bakdraff Entertainment. Seventeen tracks long, it features music that was created by six music producers and 16 artists over the course of several years. It's a provocative collection of music that digs into the Steel City's history. Every street has a vibe and every building has a story.

Darian Capital Services is the first to offer web, mobile, and television advertising services specifically to the private fund market

PITTSBURGH, Pa. /eNewsChannels/ -- Darian Capital Services LLC today announced its launch with two services to address impending United States and European regulations that will change the way hedge and private equity funds are marketed. In the U.S., such 'private' funds have been barred from 'general solicitations' or any wide-net advertising.