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Creating a Personal Marketing Plan Can Help Recent Grads Get Ahead, says The New Graduate Job Network

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- A personal marketing plan can cut job hunting time in half and save you money. According to the experts at The New Graduate Job Network, a personal marketing firm specializing in helping recent graduates find jobs, entering a job search with a good game plan can often mean the difference between landing your next great job and remaining unemployed after graduation.

ERI Personal Marketing Firm Reveals 5 Ways Executives Can Create Their Next New Job in 2011

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- After gaining years of experience in your current field, you are ready for your next challenge. ERI Personal Marketing, a firm specializing in assisting executives and professionals in their career search, knows that if you are like many executives in today's job market, your next position may very likely be one created specifically for you.

Developing Positive Chemistry Can Help You Succeed in a Job Interview, says SET Personal Marketing

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- In order for an interview to turn into a good offer, SET Personal Marketing, a firm specializing in helping professionals find work or change careers, advises that it should be far more than just a question-and-answer session. One strategy Robert J. Gerberg, Chairman of SET Personal Marketing, suggests is to develop a positive chemistry right at the start.

Not Enough Job Hunters Use Personal Websites to Get Results in Their Job Search says SET Personal Marketing

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- With employment slowly picking up in 2011, a survey shows that there are still very few job seekers using websites to market and promote their skills - when they certainly should be. 'Using a website to market experience and skills can drastically impact your job search,' Robert J. Gerberg, CEO of SET, said.

Study by ERI Personal Marketing Shows Holding Off on the Job Search Can Greatly Diminish Chances of Finding a Job

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- In today's job market, the waiting game is a game most can't afford to play. Those seeking a job in a stagnant economy must act quickly and aggressively. 'Even in difficult times, employers believe good talent doesn't last long in the market. So job seekers can give themselves a week or two at most, then they have to get into action,' Robert J. Gerberg, chairman of ERI, said.

Stories Help You Succeed in a Job Interview, says Job Expert Bob J. Gerberg

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- People don't remember numbers or excessive facts, but they do remember a good story. So it makes sense that if you're telling and using stories in your job search and interviews, people are going to remember you too. Pioneered by Robert J. Gerberg, senior consultant at SET, the technique is something SET teaches clients to use.

Robert Gerberg advises on Six Ways to Build Your Appeal in the Job Market

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- Most job seekers take far too narrow a view of themselves and fail to do simple things that would broaden their appeal, said Robert J. Gerberg, Chairman of SET, a personal marketing firm working with professionals and executives seeking $100,000 or more. 'People could increase their opportunities significantly if they would take a few simple steps,' he added.

Expert Robert Gerberg has Tips to Improve Your Resume: How to Get Your Resume to Work for You

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- When you're looking for a job, your resume is your introduction, your handshake, and your voice - even before you step in the door, says Robert Gerberg, Chairman of ERI. The problem is most people's resumes aren't working for them; they're working against them. For the resume you use to first contact potential employers, there is a seven-point list of what your resume must do developed by ERI, a personal marketing firm.