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Francesca Maetas giving David Vosburgh

Santa Fe Ski Area Gallantly Safety-nets Pajarito's NM-AZ Native Ski Program

After launching in early January the most generous Native snowsports outreach in history, inviting tribal youth of New Mexico and Arizona to ski in...

Pajarito Mountains New Mexico-Arizona Tribal Ski Outreach Helping Heal America

On January 4, Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, nestled near New Mexico’s Bandelier Canyon Cliff Dwellings going back 11,000 years, magnanimously launched an unprecedented snowsports...
August Gus Jaccaci

What Would President Jefferson Say this 4th of July?

OPINION: On this 4th of July, wouldn’t it be a dream come true for the U.S. and many World Citizens if President Thomas Jefferson, the author of our Declaration of independence and Bill of Rights, came back at this pivotal time to coach us on getting our Grand Experiment in Democracy back on course?

What World’s Youth Want for Christmas – Plant our X-Mass Trees!

ARTICLE: The World’s Youth say we need emergency action to create a 'Future We Want.' Hurricane Sandy helped the doubting Toms recognize that the greatest threat to our National Security and humanity is Climate Change.
Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, who led the 1977 Title IX March in DC at the request of the PE Teachers of America

Title IX Key to Sustainability and Longevity of Snow Sports and Coastal Cities

OPINION: Leading the March down Washington’s Pennsylvania Ave in 1977, for TITLE IX’s “Equal Opportunity for Women in School Sports and Education,” at the...
Danielle Pelham - credit: (c) Elaine Pelham

London Olympics Can Help Us Win the Race to Save our Civilization

eNewsChannels COLUMN: While world leaders dropped the ball at June’s RIO+20 Earth Summit to getting us on the road to a sustainable future, We...

Indigenous Elders Input Key to Restoring Earth at UN's RIO+20

eNewsChannels COLUMN: On November 1, our Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF) submitted to the UN its recommendations, including wisdom of Indigenous Elders, for the 2012 Rio+20 Conference, June 21-22. This marks 20 years after the first UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and never in history has there been such a need to work in unity to restore Earth.

Pilgrimages to '19 Holy Mountains' Can Prevent Massive Ocean Die Outs and Create Earth's New Dawn

eNewsChannels COLUMN: CNN revealed on June 22, that "A mass extinction unlike anything human history has ever seen is coming unless we take swift...

Native Voices: Green Lifestyle Film Fest has Certified Organic Native American Values

COLUMN: I got to witness the 2009 Green Lifestyle Film Fest at my UCLA alma mater March 13-15, transform from a 'little green engine...