HOUSTON, Texas — A decade ago, only the most risk-tolerant consumers would consider making diamond engagement ring purchases through online channels, says Whiteflash. In those early days, the internet was hailed as a revolutionary way to buy small-ticket items, but most wouldn’t have dared to buy something as emotionally and financially significant as an engagement ring online. Today, more and more people are turning to trustworthy virtual vendors to make substantial, multi-thousand-dollar purchases with complete confidence.

Convenience and increased variety have always been primary attractions for internet shopper. Traditional storefront hours often don’t fit into today’s demanding schedules, and local merchants often cannot stock the wide selection platinum rings and princess cut diamonds or round brilliant diamonds online.

Whiteflash diamondHow has that translated to increased comfort when purchasing luxury goods online? Lesley Harris, Director of Sales at, explains. “More wealthy people are becoming comfortable making large diamond and jewelry purchases from trustworthy e-tailers due to the transparency in both pricing and offerings. Savvy customers can educate themselves through online research to compare price, selection, and vendor policies.”

Does buying online mean giving up excellent service and personalized experiences associated with high-value transactions? Whiteflash doesn’t think so.

“We focus on listening intently to what our customers want,” Harris says. “We have been known to make ‘personal house calls’ to show our ideal cut diamonds or beautiful customized engagement settings.”

Judging by recent trends, is clearly doing something right. “In recent months, we’ve experienced a spike both in custom settings and in sales of large diamonds, up to and exceeding the six-figure range.” Whiteflash notes several recent transactions involved 4 to 5 ct ideal-cut round brilliant diamonds exceeding $100,000.

It would seem their clients concur. One recent high-value client praised’s service, commenting “few (others) invest the time in earning business today.”

About Whiteflash(TM)
Whiteflash is the first company in the U.S. to offer an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows diamond and bring the sheer beauty of “super ideal cut” to the Internet. Brian Gavin, a 5th generation diamond cutter, and Debi Wexler, a computer entrepreneur, together founded in 1999 bringing to the Internet their brand “A Cut Above.”

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