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Foreclosure Crisis Remedy: A True Inside Job – The Transformation of Consciousness

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Is anyone paying attention? Is anyone outraged? If not, go see "Inside Job" a "Wall Street-damning documentary," as well as "The Company...

An Origin Story Out-of-Balance – Comments & Observations

eNewsChannels COLUMN: The following are my personal observations after 12 years of in-depth study of the Mayflower Pilgrims, a 20-year extensive involvement with visionary...

Uplifting Ideas: Inspiration, A Bridging of Cultures, Giving Thanks

COLUMN: Inspiration reverberates throughout the world as America steps up to its promise of equal opportunity for all, a government "of the people, by...

Uplifting Evolutionary Ideas: A New Future

COLUMN: In order to prepare for the new future of peace, harmony and unity, that may be beyond our current understanding, we must act...

Uplifting Evolutionary Ideas: Why Aren't We Everything We Dreamed We Would Be?

Connie Baxter Marlow COLUMN: Perhaps we have built a house of cards on a false foundation. What could be the shift that would put our ship back on course? We must examine our assumptions. What if the following precepts became the foundation for how we are in relationship with each other. I have named it "The Expanded Family" and see it as the evolutionary step beyond the nuclear family concept.

Uplifting Evolutionary Ideas: Indigenous Cosmology – From Left Field to Center Stage

Connie Baxter Marlow COLUMN: I would like to share my journey with indigenous elders and cultures throughout the United States, Mexico and Africa that led to the development of a worldview I have been implementing in my life for 25 years. I believe indigenous cosmology is important and relevant in the world today and would like to share these ideas with you. The field of quantum physics now "proves" what indigenous peoples have known for millennia.

Uplifting Evolutionary Ideas: Plymouth as a Symbol

Connie Baxter Marlow COLUMN: Thanksgiving Day in Plymouth, Massachusetts is a day when the hopes, dreams and troubles of our nation will find expression. Plymouth has become the symbol of our highest aspirations and our most grievous transgressions. Symbols are important to focus the mind and emotions. A symbol can uplift us, it can take us down; it can bring us together, and it can separate us.

Uplifting Evolutionary Ideas: The Secret Purpose of History

Connie Baxter Marlow COLUMN: Ours is only a suggestive language attempting to grasp and describe concepts that are beyond words. Our ability to conceptualize is derived from the words we use and the construct we have created to analyze and categorize experiences. The concepts proposed here are outside of the commonly agreed upon construct and beyond any words we might have to describe them.