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Thank you for your interest in eNewsChannels, an online magazine covering business, entertainment and technology news. This “publication” is a unit of Neotrope®, established 1983 in California, USA.

We do not accept telephone calls regarding this publication. Calls from PR flacks or marketing firms are not accepted (our time is valuable, too).

You may email us at: support, provided you do NOT query us regarding any of the following:

  • Comments about articles: all comments regarding articles or news items should be referred to the company mentioned in the story and NOT this Website.

      At bottom of each story you may post a comment regarding that specific story or news item. Our system requires you to enter a valid e-mail address for security purposes and you may view our privacy statement where you enter the information.

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      Comment “spam,” which is a self-promotional comment — such as promoting your own art website on a story about art, will be deleted and blocked from future comments. Personal attacks on any company or product will be ignored and if deemed violent in nature will be forwarded to the legal dept. of the company under attack.

      We track I.P. addresses for security and authentication.

  • Link trade/exchanges: we do not accept or support link trades. DO NOT QUERY US ABOUT LINK EXCHANGES. We will report such spam to your hosting provider and ISP, and last resort to Spamhaus/RBL.
  • Press releases: we do not currently accept press releases, and we are NOT a free news posting site or free wire service. We do select stories we like from the Send2Press® Wire Service ( If you would like your news to appear on this site, you should consider using Send2Press as an additional component of your PR program(s).
  • Articles: we do not accept unsolicited (not asked for) manuscripts. However, if you are interested in writing about entertainment, the ad industry, travel, or technology, we’d love to hear from you (only those with an existing background in these fields should query us). We have no interest in “advertorial” material.

About Us
We are located in Torrance, California, USA (Los Angeles county). eNewsChannels is part of the Neotrope® News Network and is a trademark and service mark of Neotrope. Our company was established in 1983 by Christopher Laird Simmons and was formerly known as Mindset.

Visit our staff page to learn more about our editorial team.

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Neotrope, PMB 822 PO Box 7000, Redondo Beach, CA 90277-8710, USA.

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