SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Following through on his efforts to reduce unnecessary, wasteful state spending and improve government efficiency, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced that the state moved swiftly, in less than a year, to remove more than 3,300 vehicles from the state fleet and halt vehicle purchasing. Today, state officials are auctioning 400 vehicles that have been removed from department fleets. With more than 18 percent of the state’s fleet eliminated and slashing vehicle purchases by 67 percent in 2009, this action has helped the state avoid $63.9 million in vehicle acquisition, maintenance, insurance and fuel expenditures.

“Last year I took action to get rid of waste and abuse in the state’s vehicle fleet and today, I am happy to announce that my Administration has followed through – exceeding its goal and reaching a reduction of 18 percent ahead of schedule,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “This reduction translates into the elimination of more than 3,300 vehicles and millions of dollars in savings over the years to come. This is exactly the kind of action our government should be taking and as California families and businesses finalize their taxes this week, it is the perfect reminder that we should always look at ways to use taxpayer dollars wisely and more efficiently.”

In July 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed an executive order directing administration officials to cut vehicle fleets by 15 percent. He also directed departments to eliminate 20 percent of their permits for state employees that regularly take state vehicles home and to halt the purchasing of all non-emergency vehicle purchases. To date, more than 2500 vehicles have been sold, generating $4.6 million in revenue. Further, nearly 1900 permits have been revoked, which could potentially save the state $1.3 million annually.

The Department of General Services (DGS) is in the process of selling these vehicles through monthly live and online auctions that will generate revenue for the state. Today, DGS is hosting a live auction at 5950 Chiles Road in Davis, California to sell off many of these vehicles. For further details please click here: .

Vehicles sold at auction range widely from late model 1970s to early 2000 vans, pickups, midsize and small cars. Chevy Cavaliers, and Bio Fuel Cavaliers, Ford Trucks, Ford Focuses, Honda Civics and Chevy Astro Vans are among the many models available at auction.

“I appreciate the work of all state departments that cooperated with my staff in meeting this ambitious schedule to cut the state fleet,” said Acting DGS Director Ron Diedrich, whose department was charged with coordinating the vehicle reduction effort. “Our collective ability to operate leaner, more efficient fleets will pay dividends to the state’s bottom line.”

As the state implemented the executive order, DGS identified more than 17,000 non-emergency service and non-public safety vehicles that were subject to the Governor’s mandate. Vehicles that were exempt from the executive order included California Highway Patrol cars, fire trucks, large vehicles used to clear roads in inclement weather, ambulances and other vehicles critical to life and safety state services.