ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Feeling overwhelmed by daily tasks and just realized that you missed your best friend’s birthday? Never forget a birthday card again with’s unique and efficient birthday card shopping service. is a birthday card shopping service that mails out real cards, not e-cards, to customers for them to sign and send out to their loved ones. The service saves customers the hassle of remembering dates and running to the store at the last minute.

“I wasn’t very good at remembering dates and birthdays. I always felt guilty when a birthday came around; even if I did remember the birthday, I didn’t remember it soon enough to send out a birthday card,” Roger Pharr, founder, said. “I started because I thought there must be other people out there who felt the same way and who would appreciate this service.”

Cards come in protective sleeves and include an addressed envelope and stamp for delivery anywhere within the U.S.

The birthday cards delivered from are high quality and made from real card stock; they are more personal than their generic, e-card counterparts.

So, how does it work? Customers simply create an online account at at then type in the names, addresses and dates of the birthday card recipients. Once the information has been added, the customer will automatically receive their cards in the mail.

Cards are efficiently delivered to the customer’s door one week prior to a loved one or colleague’s birthday providing time for a quick note and signature prior to mailing.

“I’ve seen sites that will send cards directly to the recipient for birthdays and various holidays, but nothing like this where the card is sent to the customer first for personalization and mailing; I really like that part,” one user said.

If customers have 50 or more people on their list, they will not need to fill out all this information online;’s support center will personally work with the customer to ensure fast and easy completion of their order and enter the information for them.

The service is not only convenient, but time saving and cost effective. The more cards ordered, the more money saved. Prices range from $4 to $5 per card.

If a customer were to buy 25 cards during the year, it would probably cost anywhere from $90 to $120 for the cards and postage, plus the time involved in going to the store. With, 25 addressed envelopes, cards and stamps costs $110 or $4.40 per card. does the shopping and remembering at the same price as buying from the store.

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