DENVER, Colo. — Executive Recycling, Inc., facing the challenge of a glut of TVs soon to be on the market, announces that they are ready for action. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently mandated that all TV transmissions be digital by February 19, 2009 – so what’s the problem? The problem is that there are approximately 250 million analog TVs in the U.S. that are not equipped for digital. People can choose to purchase converters, or toss out their old TVs, but how can they do this safely?

According to the team at Executive Recycling, the materials used in TVs are very toxic.

“Toxic materials include lead, cadmium, and mercury,” Tor Olson, the company’s director, said. “If not properly recycled, these items can lead to air and ground contamination.”

Executive Recycling has put a plan in place to help people dispose of useless TVs in an environmentally safe manner. They have planned 21 recycling drop-off events for 2008 that will allow the public to bring in their old TVs, and other electronic devices.

To meet this challenge head on, the company has purchased a CRT glass-cutting machine, allowing for glass-to-glass recycling. They hope to have the equipment up and running within the next month; the machine is capable of processing 30-40 CRT tubes per hour.

The glass will be separated into two parts: funnel glass which contains the leaded glass; and the panel glass which contains no lead. This material will then be cleaned and processed and sent off to a CRT manufacturer to be used in the production of new CRT tubes for TVs and monitors.

Recycling electronics is a complex process and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fines in place for improper disposal. Executive Recycling helps to protect people and companies from liability issues while protecting the environment at the same time.

Executive Recycling, Inc., based in Englewood, Colorado, combines over 20 years of IT experience, extensive knowledge of current EPA requirements, and a dedication to world-class service.

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