New Commercial Release of nProbe processes over 1.1 million packets per second

RESTON, Va. — nPulse Networks LLC, a leading integrator of hardware acceleration tools for open-source network security and monitoring applications, has announced a new security-hardened release of its nProbe appliance. nProbe is a highly-tuned, light-weight NetFlow probe, derived from the open-source ntop project managed by Luca Deri ( nPulse is the commercial representative of in North America.

Implemented on nPulse’s Catapult hardware acceleration platform, the entry-level nProbe appliance can capture and inspect over 1.1 million packets per second on its gigabit monitoring port, and generates NetFlow v5/9 or IPFIX records for export to an external network management system or “collector.”

nPulse Networks“We have validated nProbe for compatibility with most of the widely-used network security and monitoring solutions,” says Peter Shaw, VP of Marketing for nPulse Networks. “Many such systems use NetFlow data in watching for anomalous or threatening behavior on distributed networks. nProbe can be a cost-effective extension for existing solutions, or a valuable standalone tool in its own right.”

Pricing for the single-port, 1 gigabit nProbe appliance starts at $3,999, and multi-port, hardware accelerated configurations are also available. For detailed information, contact

About nPulse Networks LLC
nPulse is a global leader in the hardware-acceleration of open-source-based solutions for network security, network monitoring, traffic analysis and data management. With its customers and partners, nPulse works every day at the leading edge of network security and monitoring technology, providing its customers with deep insight into “network vital signs.”

nPulse Networks is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and also maintains development centers in Charlottesville, VA and in Pisa, Italy. For more information, visit

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