DENVER, Colo. — ProLine (, a longtime producer of media care and storage products has developed a new universal disc hanging file system for your file cabinet and desk drawer. The patented design offers a very familiar storage concept, especially for those who have been using hanging document files over the years.

ProLine’s indexed storage system is designed for securely organizing and easily retrieving an ever growing library of valuable disc titles. No tools are required to install four rail clips that snap over the existing hardware in a letter-size file cabinet or in your letter-sized desk drawer. Simply, snap the rail clips in and position two eleven inch long support rails that allow the color-coded Disc Hanging Files to slide back and forth along the rails.

Specially made disc storage file sleeves that incorporate a protective, soft inner sleeve liner material that prevents disc scratches, snap onto five different color-coded plastic file hangers and make title categorizing effortless. Each hanging file storage sleeve stores two discs; one on the front side of the sleeve and another on the backside. Self adhesive title labels that adhere to the plastic file hangers are also provided for quick identification of discs.

ProLine media storageThe universal disc hanging file system includes four rail clips, two rails and a 10-pack of Disc Hanging Files that will index and store up to 20 discs. Additional packs of Disc Hanging Files that include storage sleeves, hangers and title labels are available and sold separately for expansion of the storage system as titles in a collection grow. When utilizing a full lateral file cabinet drawer with the system, up to 600 discs can be stored in a single drawer. Since most file cabinets are equipped with locks, security for confidential or very important disc content is secured.

ProLine’s universal disc hanging file system saves office space and money by using the same document drawers of a filing cabinet or desk drawer plus offers a complete solution for managing the cataloging of many discs with instant access to all discs. The system, model #RCHF-11, sells for $16.95 and the add-on pack of Disc Hanging Storage Files, model #CDHFS-10, sells for $9.95.


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