LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Underground Mexican hip-hop artist/entrepreneur, SOLOW13, breaks the music game wide open by establishing his own label, TRUTH LOVES LA WFAMILIA, LLC or simply LAWFAMILIA, LLC. The new imprint is a collaborative partnership between SOLOW13 and famed West Coast label, Latin Thug Records – best known for being founded by Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog and home to the Reyes Brothers, B Real’s “Gunslinger” albums and many other notable releases.

“Solow brings a lot to the table. He’s an amazing artist and a highly competent business executive. As soon as we heard his music and met him, we knew we had to be in business with him. We are very excited to partner with him and we’re here to do whatever we can to help make the world aware of his talent and his message and to help him take LAWFAMILIA to the next level,” says Fred Sherman, President of Latin Thug Records. SOLOW13’s highly anticipated debut album, Warrior13, will be the first release from the imprint and will be in-stores on March 25, 2008.

SOLOW13 WARRIOR13LAWFAMILIA, LLC will be responsible for producing its own creative material, while Latin Thug Records will direct manufacturing, distribution, marketing and other duties. The aim of the LAWFAMILIA, LLC is not only to be a home for talented artists, but also a launch pad for innovative projects and ventures.

Warrior13 takes a truly original approach by being totally clean without compromising its edge. The first single, “Whistle While U Work,” features the West Coast legend, B Real from Cypress Hill. The track serves a dual purpose: an anthem for SOLOW13’s domination with an infectious hook and a descriptive insight into his struggle as an artist and an ambitious businessman. Other Cali heavyweights are present on Warrior13, including Latin hip-hop pioneer, Mellow Man Ace on the second single, “Dickies and the Polo.” This joint is destined to bang in the clubs as well as on the streets. Legendary mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner (Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Linkin Park, Madonna) elevates the album to a whole new level by adding the finishing touches to this classic.

The founding of LAWFAMILIA, LLC was not an easy accomplishment by any means. The label is a culmination of the blood, sweat and tears stemming from SOLOW13’s life experiences. Born in Jalisco, Mexico, SOLOW13’s life hit a crossroad when his father, in a drunken rage, shot and killed his mother, wounded his aunt and attempted to shoot him and his siblings. Like something from a movie, the family, led by SOLOW13’s 16-year-old brother, began their journey for a better life in America. The journey took them by foot, by train and by water, and finally hiding under the floorboards of a truck.

The desire for a whole new world of possibilities fed his desire to continue in his struggle. Once in the US, SOLOW13 experienced a rebirth as his natural talents began to show, both academically and as a hustler on the street. His relentless pursuit of the American dream turned friends into enemies, placed him in dangerous situations and left him broke and homeless more than once. SOLOW13 stood out from the crowd early as he developed at an astonishing pace. He excelled academically and made a name for himself on the streets.

Through hustling and showing his clout, SOLOW13 successfully forged solid business partnerships, which led to earning the capital needed to upstart his own label, maintain artistic control and serve as a champion for capitalizing on artistic and business-related ventures. Eventually, SOLOW13 would experience a profound spiritual metamorphosis after extensive study of religious philosophy. This enlightenment allowed him to gain knowledge of self through faith. Now armed with a strong connection to a higher power, SOLOW13 is ready to take his game to the next level using his own blueprint for success. To this day, SOLOW13 continues to study the Bible and Hebrew law.

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