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Enviromax Prostate Joy Pillow helps men remove the prostate taboo while increasing sexual health

ANCHORAGE, Alaska /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: External prostate massage is a safe, easy, and fun way for men to learn how to stimulate their prostate, says men's health product manufacturer Enviromax. The company is very excited about its newest and most affordable 'entry-level' prostate massager called the Prostate Joy Pillow.

Enviromax launches 'Extra Soft' version of patented Prostate Cradle™

FAIRBANKS, Alaska /eNewsChannels/ -- Enviromax has done it again. Five years ago, it introduced the world's first external prostate massager - the patented Prostate Cradle. Thousands of customers later, it's introducing a new patented version - the 'Extra Soft' - designed for men with tender prostates. So, men now have two options.