TORONTO, Canada — VoiceGate Corporation proudly introduces its Military Grade Emergency e-Response Mass Message Notification / Business & Emergency Communication Planning system at the Homeland Defense Symposium and Exposition show in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. After three years in development, VoiceGate’s Mass Message Emergency Alert system is now available to Military, Fire and Police forces around the globe.

“Do you realize what we have made here?” says Paul Perryman, President of VoiceGate Corporation. “The world’s first emergency mass message notification system designed exactly to military specifications. We have taken great care and effort to ensure that this system is so easy and intuitive to use, our customers will have no problem managing and administrating it on their own. For law enforcement organizations such as the RCMP, this product supports their security procedures mandate prohibiting outside parties (suppliers, ASP, rental service, etc.) from viewing, hosting or having any other access to confidential contact information. This self-managed system virtually eliminates the potential of the leak or disclosure of a Senator’s, Diplomat’s, Politician’s or First Responder’s confidential contact numbers (home, cell, SMS, Fax, e-mail and PDA) to the public at large.”

The Emergency e-Response military class notification system has been specifically designed to protect and keep secure the contact numbers, names, and home addresses of Police, Civil, Security, Fire and Military Emergency First Responders. It provides Emergency Planners with a real-time console assisting them in provisioning, detailing, testing and executing their emergency plans and notifications to target groups that must keep its’ contact information secure.

“Emergency Planners, with minimal training and a basic knowledge of how to use a mouse and simple pull down menus can now easily pick a group of say, radio operators, from a database, type or record a message, pick the message delivery method – such as, ‘are you fit for duty?’ and if you are, ‘meet at the compound’ and ‘what time will you arrive?’ – planners then watch in real-time on the system’s planning console as it rosters or builds an inventory of available responders,” says Perryman. “With our new partnership with ESRI and the system’s ARCVIEW Geo spatial or GIS targeting capability announced last quarter, military forces like the RCMP, FEMA, Homeland Security or the CIA can now circle an area say, around an embassy, on a map and have the system call everyone within that geo-spatial target. As we get positive contact within that area, we will backwards populate and identify the confirmed contact coordinates, color coding the map so military responders can accelerate their response times by responding only to the buildings we haven’t been able to notify!”

VoiceGate envisions that its new Emergency e-Response Mass Message Notification system will set new standards in security for military-class automated notification systems. With the capability to give Emergency and Business Continuity Planners real- time automated rostering capabilities; geo-spatial or GIS map targeting; its’ ability to call responders and deliver them into a conference call and its unique ability to automatically validate or update its own data base of personnel contact information, VoiceGate has once again raised the bar in the Emergency mass message notification / Emergency Planning industry.

About VoiceGate Corporation
VoiceGate Corporation, founded in 1980 is an innovative leader in the voice processing, call logging, and instant wireless messaging industry. VoiceGate is a privately owned Canadian Corporation with its head office and design facility located in Markham, Ontario. It also has offices in the United States and India. Sold and supported worldwide, its powerful Integrated Communications Server family of products incorporates leading edge, standards-based modular architecture, open platforms, and years of customer design input. Working with its partners to deliver “best in class” communications solutions, its product offerings cover virtually all messaging and call processing applications.

From speech enabled voice mail to integrated instant wireless messaging, to call accounting, emergency preparedness telephone dialing engines and voice logging, VoiceGate has a solution to fit the smallest SOHO application to the largest most complicated central office based installations. VoiceGate’s diverse customer base includes government, medical, ISPs, education, emergency response, military, public safety, utility, transportation, and business industries.

For more information, please visit or call 1-800-668-2387.

About ESRI Canada
Established in 1984, ESRI Canada is a Canadian owned company specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) solutions. We distribute the world’s leading GIS software solutions from ESRI Inc., NovaLIS Technologies, Miner and Miner, Telcordia, and Azteca. In order to provide organizations with complete industry-specific solutions we have established an extensive business partner program that includes more than 100 Canadian organizations.

ESRI Canada also provides professional services including consulting, training, technical support, and enterprise GIS implementation. We are leaders in providing world-class enterprise GIS solutions for many industries including local government, utilities, public safety and defense, business demographics, education, natural resources, and transportation. ESRI Canada has thirteen regional offices across the country, with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

For more information, please visit or call 1-800-447-9778.

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