CHICAGO, Ill. — is out of its beta phase and now offers online users the ability to easily create or participate in community or group websites. To join, users fill out a brief form. They can then create a “CommZone,” a group website that is loaded with world-class functionality.

ZedZone“The site was designed,” Mike Dolan, President and CEO of ZedZone, said, “due to an online need for users to communicate and network within a fun and powerful virtual environment that offers functionality and versatility for communities and groups.”

The website is suitable for communities or groups, including: businesses or business organizations; schools, classes, alumni associations, or other school organizations; religious groups; teams or clubs; interest-based groups; event-planning committees; families or friends; or any other type of group with a common goal.

It includes:

    * A forum: The communication center for a community where users can post or read announcements, have discussions or debates, create or vote in polls, and more.

    * An album: For sharing files of any kind (for example: photos, PDF files, word documents, or excel files).

    * A wiki: Allows users to create documents that can be edited multiple times, by multiple users, for the purpose of group collaboration or presentation.

    * Mail: Users can broadcast messages to members of a CommZone via group e-mails or “ZedMails.” ZedMail is a private messaging system for communication between users. is free. Users can create new CommZones or find existing ones of interest.

Currently, has many CommZones that include: a homeowner’s association, book club, bowling league, Minnesota Viking fan club, University of Chicago alumni group, and more.

“I can’t imagine how I kept up with all my groups before ZedZone,” Betty Schweizer, a user said. “I will never go back to saving e-mails in one folder, and pictures in another, or passing word documents back and forth for editing. Having everything in one place for sharing, is not only convenient, but also creates a tangible group dynamic.” was designed with flexibility to accommodate groups’ differing needs. The site, launched in October, 2006, has now been extensively tested to ensure its usability and functionality.

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