BUFFALO, N.Y. — Advantage Trim & Lumber Company today announced that, due to recent inquiries from customers, composite decking supplies and materials will not be distributed or sold at any of our locations. While composite decking remains popular due to its low cost, we are of the opinion that using composite materials for decks is a hazard to the public.

ipe wood decking“At Advantage Trim & Lumber, we care about the quality of life of those who use our products,” said Dan Ivancic, the company’s Director of Marketing. “Recently, we have noticed more customers asking about the benefits of composite decking as opposed to the more dependable hardwood decking options. Because we have a commitment to selling decking products that don’t compromise public safety, we decided to release a statement explaining why wood workers across the world prefer the look of and quality of hardwood decking like ipe compared to the artificial look and substandard quality of composite decking.”

Composite decking has been the subject of many class action lawsuits due to alleged uncontrollable mold, mildew, and fungi. In addition, composite decking complaints are riddled with claims of rapid deterioration due to inferior manufacturing. These lawsuits stem from personal injuries that occurred when people have fallen through a deck made of composite decking materials. In contrast, there have been no class action lawsuits or widespread complaints about the durability of ipe decking.

When doing research on composite decking versus ipe decking, many people are also surprised to discover that composite decking materials are made with petroleum based products like polyethylene and are not eco-friendly. Moreover, when you consider the fact that an ipe deck can last decades longer than a composite deck, ipe decking is clearly more eco-friendly than composite decking. This disparity in endurance can be attributed to the fact that composite decks are extremely fragile and can easily splinter and break. The need to constantly maintain and repair a composite deck contributes to the overall demand for cheap lumber and is a detriment to good forestry practices. On the other hand, when you have an ipe deck the need to replace part of the whole of it can be significantly reduced due to this exotic hardwood’s durability.

In fact, ipe has received the highest rating from the US Forest Products Laboratory. Plus, the United States Naval Research Laboratory tested this exotic hardwood and found that an untreated piece of ipe could resist termites for over 15 years. A single piece of ipe can be left untreated and exposed to the elements for over 40 years before it starts wearing down. A treated piece of ipe wood could last an estimated 100 years or more.

Ipe decking has proved time and again that it can withstand the elements and everyday use like no other hardwood in the market today. It’s for those reasons that cities and businesses across the world have chosen ipe decking materials. In fact, ipe has been and continues to be utilized in commercial applications such as, the famous Atlantic City and Miami Beach boardwalks, Las Vegas’ Treasure Island, and even the Brooklyn Bridge walkway.

Advantage Trim & Lumber Company operates with over 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space. We also produce over 50 species of hardwood flooring, hardwood lumber and a variety of FSC certified materials. Advantage also specializes in custom milled hardwood products delivered direct to the end users’ home or jobsite anywhere in the world from their locations in Grover, North Carolina and Buffalo, New York.

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