We are at the threshold of a great evolutionary and cultural change, and this journey will take us to a place we have never been before. Some are saying that the world, as we know it, will end forever. Maybe so, but not in the way one thinks. Since the beginning of time we have heard prophetic messages about world destruction, along with an array of doom and gloom.

The truth is, no one knows, because we do have free will and are co-creating our world as we go. Could it be that our negative world view set the stage for a negative interpretation? As we co-create our world, what would happen if we reserve the benefit of doubt around these magnificent prophesies? What would we see unfold?

Shirley Ryan - Working Together Many centuries ago an ancient Mayan civilization talked of a great coming that would change our way of life forever. They prophesied that it would be on a grand scale. Some have interpreted this over time to be something cataclysmic, perhaps apocalyptic. This is not the case. We will gradually ascend to see our world differently, which will make our world different. What you send out, you get back. This is the law of attraction, and the law of the Universe. There can be no other.

Indeed, we will live a different life, and it will be a good thing, easing in as lovingly as we are becoming. The great happening will be a world full of peaceful and loving relationships. Negativity will slowly phase itself out of existence along with all of the other aspects that are the flip side of peace. Hard as it is to imagine, over time our lives will be filled with beauty and peace. With this transition, our dual natures are contained forever in the distant past.

On the surface all will remain the same. We will live out our lives in our chosen professions, doing what we love to do as computer specialists, managers, retailers, farmers, golfers, doctors, lawyers, and everything in between. The fact is that the transition will not be negative at all and we will elevate to something far better than we could ever imagine.

How long before this grand transition occurs, you ask? Well folks, it is already happening. Every time you choose to stop in your tracks on the path of negativity and think and feel differently, a step has been made. A life is altered on the threshold of a great discovery, the core of Self. Choosing to understand, or at least, withhold judgment until an understanding can be reached is a step toward this evolution to peaceful relationships and a great new world.

What if you find that your first instinct was correct and the worst is true? Someone really did mean you harm? Then your choice to be an observer of your feelings still makes sense. The lack of judgment creates a different path. Because you get what you send out to the Universe, choosing peaceful thoughts is never a waste of effort. Seeking peace, or at least acceptance, takes nothing from you but your anger, fear and misery. Would you prefer to have a life of misery? Is that a life worth living?

How would it be if you allowed yourself the luxury of making a choice to see the world through the eyes of love?

Let’s just look at our history for a moment. When I talk to people in my workshops and lectures, the first thing they bring up is that the world is plagued by danger, war, sickness and strife. Just look at the news. Bleak diatribes of disaster are within a click away at any moment of the day. True enough, but why would anyone want to make that their reality?

What about all of the wonderful things that are happening in the world? Where are they represented? In life, my friend! Within a life focused on peace, wonderful things happen around us. But let’s look at what I consider some real evidence of evolution.

Just look at where we have been, where we are and what we read these days. Thirty years ago you could not find a book on love, spirituality or peace anywhere. Leo Buscalia, Ph.D. started this “Love Movement,” by boldly speaking publicly about love in the late 70’s. As a professor, he talked his department heads into letting him give lectures on love at UCLA. Later, he moved on to Public Television. The public was hungry for his message. His lectures and workshops were huge gatherings of people who were overwhelmed with his words and stories of love. Was the man perfect? Not really, but he knew what mattered in life.

He always ended these lectures by inviting people up to get a Buscalia hug! He sent out cosmic love to everyone on those nights. I remember being glued to the TV, enraptured by his words. I was not alone, and later his books flourished in the bookstores.

Around the same time, John Naisbit, using marketing media hype, wrote Megatrends and Megatrends 2000. As a writer, he created a business, tracking public trends through newspapers worldwide. He predicted 20 years ago that we would make a great swing in our culture towards spirituality. His predictions have happened on a grand scale.

Now there are so many books on these topics they fill the aisles. It would be interesting to find out just how many books are out there on these subjects. We have expanded to not only love, spirituality and peace on a personal level, but in our business and public lives as well. There are hundreds of books and films on these combined topics, and the lists are growing. Even business is taking a turn as they see the significance of spirituality and values in management and business. So what does this have to do with our changing world?

Think about it, someone has to be reading these books. Thirty years ago there was no market for these topics, because no one was ready. Today we are inundated with so much information on the concept of love, spirituality and peace that everlasting peace is a heartbeat away. We are ready to know.

So how do we get there? The more we see how we can contribute towards peace in our everyday lives, the closer we get to actualization of a fearless world! What is the cost of living in a fear-less world? Just see the possibilities. Give up fear, which is the base of negative emotion, embrace love, and peace will come to us. Along with our own self-actualization, we set the stage for peaceful relations all over the world. We can do it, one step at a time. This is love on the grandest scale ever: love for self and love for humanity.

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